Letters - September 3, 2014

Sidney Walmsley of Watson Road Blackpool, won the Fleetwood junior talent competition with his trumpet at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood.
Sidney Walmsley of Watson Road Blackpool, won the Fleetwood junior talent competition with his trumpet at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood.
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Trumpeter started young

Played pier

I was pleasantly surprised to see an article and photograph of my kid brother, Syd Francis (Walmsley) in the Lost Archives in The Gazette last Friday.

He was seven years of age when first given the trumpet.

He was a great fan of the English trumpeter, Eddie Calvert and the American, Harry James. ‘Oh My Papa’ and ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’ were his favourite pieces.

I have many memories of my many trips as his 17-year-old escort, up and down the North Pier when he was in the season show with Frankie Vaughan in 1956.

He became known as one of the original Comedians on TV and, following his move to Calpe in Spain, became well-known to the Benidorm visitors as the trumpet comedian from Blackpool.

He died in Spain eight years ago.

Joan Lumby (nee Walmsley)

Raleigh Avenue


Entertaining candidate

Hopeful MP

My wife Beverly and I are very pleased to hear the wonderful singer Peter Anthony has been put up for MP for Blackpool South.

He gets a regular mention in our house, it happens when we are listening to the radio and somebody sings one of the songs he sings in his Queens Hotel show.

We say in unison, ‘Peter 
Anthony sings it better.’

The late great Mrs Mancini would have have been thrilled to hear this news , Peter was her favourite entertainer.

I do hope any success in politics for Peter will mean a job for his keyboard and musical director Andy Knight, what a fantastic Chancellor of the Exchequer he would make, he excels in money matters.

Peter Anthony always begins his show with the same introduction ‘Welcome to Blackpool everybody, the best place on earth, are you all pleased to be here?’ and everybody yells and claps back a great big resounding ‘yes we are.’

He holds the audience in the palm of his hands and in Parliament would have them eating out of it.

Good Luck Peter Anthony

Roger Goodred


Better off without EU

New laws

The overbearing and forceful new laws by the EU are fully autocratic towards the UK.

There are hundreds of new laws, we are not in control of our own destiny and in reality most of the laws are contrary for our interest.

Like the unsuitable lamp bulbs.

Now comes the law for under power vacuum cleaners.

The Blackpool tram project was glorified as an EU contribution. We do not have to say thanks for it again and again.

Why? Because yes, we gave to the EU much more.

Not just the daily £55m, it will soon have to be more 
because Brussels want another £20bn, which would be our share.We would be better off without the EU brigade in Brussels.

We just have to free ourselves from the EU’s greedy claws.

C. Victor De-Nagy


Collusion on airport sale?


It is with some concern that I hear Blackpool Airport is for sale.

The old Pontin’s site which has been levelled for development and building of houses is adjacent to the airport.

The current owners of the airport are Balfour Beatty who have said they want to sell the airport as it is not as profitable as they hoped.

But I ask myself, is there a long term strategy at work?

The reason for my question is, if a buyer can’t be found and the airport closes, it could make way for a vast new housing estate from Pontins to Queensway.

Also integrated into the land plot are the Oyston property developers who own the training ground that already has planning permission for housing development.

I ask myself, are the whiffs of collusion drifting up?

Malcolm Brocklehurst

North Drive


Staff do a great job


On Friday, August 22, while staying on holiday in 
Blackpool at our niece’s house, I had the misfortune to suffer a heart attack.

May I, through your newspaper, express my grateful thanks to all the people involved in my treatment.

When I thanked the nurse for all she was doing, her reply was ‘we’re just doing our job.’

But what a job, it must be very difficult at times.

I am now back home in 
Todmorden feeling much better and looking forward to a complete recovery.

Once again, medical services of Blackpool, a very big thank you!

John W. Hill