Letters - September 27, 2012

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WHAT is the problem guest house owners have with the Channel 4 programme 999 What’s Your Emergency (Gazette September 24).

The programme is great.

It might show the town sometimes in a bad light, but the whole programme is not about what you think of Blackpool, but what the emergency services do for the town.

The police, ambulance and fire brigade are not seen by too many people for what they do.

I think they do a fabulous job and would like to thank all three services for all the good work they do.

So next time you see the emergency services with their sirens blaring, they are putting their lives at risk in a really good town.


Brookfield Avenue,


YET again we hear from James Sorah, spokesman for the Labour Party front Blackpool Against the Cuts, and as ever he seems to have a selective memory (Letters September 24).

Our economy and our country is not in a mess because of the mistakes of bankers, it is because the Labour Party racked up massive unsustainable debts and kept on borrowing money.

As always Blackpool Against the Cuts don’t seem to live in the real world.

This left-wing organisation just seems to want to blame everything on the Coalition but they are short on facts and don’t seem to or don’t want to understand the real problems.

As for Mr Sorah’s remarks about the MP’s childish playground insults to a police officer, yes he was out of order but I can recall many occasions when Labour MPs have said much worse and got nowhere near as much attention.

It should work both ways.

As Mr Sorah says himself, he should not be allowed to get away with it.


TREBLE hurray for Chris Davies MEP for his firm stand in favour of assisted suicide.

Call ourselves a civilised democratic country, where the public opinion time after time ignored by the ruling classes.

We give more help to animals than ourselves. Whose life is it anyway?

We should have the right to decide like in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg beside Switzerland where right to die laws already exist.


Gill Court, South Shore.