Letters - September 25, 2013

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Emergency services

No cuts!

Regarding the news about the cuts in 999 services (Gazette, September 20), we need all our 999 services fully manned.

However, the police are kept short of manpower.

Police officers are becoming a rarity in some of our towns and rural areas, even police stations are closing.

We need a police presence in our streets to make the public feel safe and we need the trained police officers.

They do work hard to arrest offenders in order to protect the public.

No matter how resourceful, how clever, how determined the police are, they will not win the war against crime if they are too thin on the ground.

Sadly the result will be an increase in crime.

Mrs P O’Connor

Portland Road


Reading The Gazette on Friday – and may I compliment the paper for its community focus – I find it hard to believe Central Government is driving through cuts to emergency services.

As one who represents one of the most deprived wards in the country and the most deprived in the town I have considerable concerns over the loss of police officers, particularly Neighbourhood Police and also the changes in what amounts to a loss of in real terms of two fire engines during the night.

We have all the experts and those working in the services including the Chief Constable of Lancashire and firefighters saying that enough is enough and services will be at crisis point.

But more importantly lives will be at risk, our communities becoming less safe.

With the privatisation of the Probation Service looming, offenders being left to their own devices is a very worrying thought indeed.

Central government has hit Blackpool hard with severe cuts including another £36m to be taken out of the council’s services over the next two years.

On top of this they now want to decrease the number of police officers walking our streets and cut the fire service by removing fire engines and staff working times.

The Government is out of touch and really does not care about the people in the north of England.

My fear is we haven’t seen anything yet, and worse is to come if it could get any worse.

I would ask the residents of Blackpool to make the views known through consolation and lobbying their MPs that enough really is enough.

Coun John Jones

Bloomfield Ward

Appeal of the lights...


With all the holidaymakers and day trippers who visit Blackpool every year, it is a great pity the Illuminations have been cut back.

Next year could be worse still .

The Pleasure Beach used to thrive with visitors and most would stay all day but now there are very few that go because of the price.

Numbers keep going down and can only get worse .

There are hotels and shops closed which shows that seasides are going down everywhere throughout the country.

It will take a lot to make them thrive once again.

Rod Phillips


.. and The Lights Appeal

We DID pay

Regarding Alan Murden’s letter (September 13) who mentions how businesses benefit so much from the Lights that they should contribute more.

Same old uninformed story.

We retired from a small business a few years ago having donated what we could, but with each passing year the amount grew less and less.

Every now and then someone who knows nothing of what is like to run a business in today’s economic climate, clearly thinks those who have never worked a nine to five job, worked into the evening, doing the books in what we laughably called ‘free time’, watched the out of town shopping centres and internet suck all life from the pittance we called income, no pension, no money coming in if ill, must be raking in the exorbitant profits they are no doubt making.

The clear inference is that all traders are making money hand over fist. Dream on.

Profits, otherwise called wages, pay electricity, water rates, rent etc, then household bills too.

Let’s not forget businesses pay rates as well as household rates, a double dose for the town’s income.

So there is now a worry about the empty shops on Lytham Road.

Blackpool Council is going to hold meetings ‘to help’.


Re-instate free parking, stop wasting money on silly so-called sculptures and pour it into where it is really needed.

It is time to step into the real world Mr Murden.

People have to make a living so get your biased head out of the sand.

The final insult from this council is after everything else, businesses are charged for bin bags.

And don’t get me started on the proposal to dig Talbot Road up again.

Trams and buses in a narrow road or more diversions. Please, please, is there anyone with a brain out there?

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