Letters - September 24, 2012

The Jet 2 team.
The Jet 2 team.
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MAYBE Jet2.com can clarify exactly why they’ve axed their Jersey service from Blackpool Airport.

As an ardent supporter of the airport’s development, I was sorry and surprised to see in The Gazette that the company were ditching this long-standing route, which I’d used before.

They cited a slump in passengers, blaming the summer’s poor weather as the major cause.

However, as someone on the penultimate flight back to Blackpool, I was given a different version.

Given that the plane there and back was full (as was the case with friends a fortnight earlier), I find it hard to believe that falling numbers had forced the company’s hand.

I was told on good authority that the real reason was because Jet2.com do not have enough planes to go round when new destinations are introduced from here next summer.

Jersey, therefore, was sacrificed, which is a great shame because it’s such a convenient and pleasurable place to get to from the Fylde.

The fact that Jersey flights have operated since before I came to live locally 30 years ago shows how popular the service has been.

Hopefully it will be 
restarted if and when the company acquires another aircraft. Meantime, the airport’s management need to sort out a shambolic security system, which in our case delayed take-off 25 minutes.


Clive Avenue

St Annes

Footnote: Managing director of Jet2.com, Ian Doubtfire, said: “We are constantly reviewing our flying 
programme from Blackpool to give customers from the Fylde coast the destinations they desire. We have taken the decision to suspend flights to Jersey. We have, however, extended our range of destinations and have added the exciting destinations of Ibiza, Lanzarote and Dalaman. Early bookings indicate that these will prove popular with our loyal 
Blackpool customers.”

A READER recently complained about the nuisance of droppings from police horses. At least when that happened the working horses were on duty.

In Carleton we are constantly having to step over and avoid dollops of the muck, because some local riding schools think it is appropriate for horses and their charges to use the pavements instead of the road. It is not a one-off nuisance but a daily occurrence, especially around the junction of 
Blackpool Old Road and Blackpool Road. I feel sorry for anybody having to manouevre a pram, pushchair or wheelchair through the mess, in the Carleton railway crossing area.



TORY Chief Whip and ex-public school boy Andrew Mitchell has been forced to apologise after making rude and offensive remarks to Downing Street police 

He allegedly called the officers concerned ‘plebs’ and remarked they “should know their place”. No doubt our increasingly right wing and mandate-less government will play the whole incident down as an isolated occurrence, but they must not be allowed to get away with this. The Suffragettes had a motto of “deeds not words”.

In deeds and now words this government of millionaires has consistently demonstrated its contempt for the majority of working and middle class people.

A contempt that has seen a massive tax cut for the richest, while benefits, tax credits and public services are slashed all in order to pay for the mistakes of their banker friends and paymasters.

Under this government’s Thatcherite economic shock therapy, millions of British citizens are out of work, and many millions more are stuck in part-time and precarious patterns of employment.

Across the UK, food banks have been set up and homelessness is rising as a direct result of government policies.


Publicity officer, Blackpool Against the Cuts

Keswick Road


NEW Bonny Street should not be closed. The problem with the Promenade is the zebra crossings. As soon as anyone puts a foot on them the traffic has to stop.

They should be replaced with controlled crossings.


Bentinck Avenue

South Shore