Letters - September 19, 2013

Holcroft Place, Lytham, where Fylde Council's recycling men who "went the extra mile" to empty our green wheelie bins following parking on yellow lines
Holcroft Place, Lytham, where Fylde Council's recycling men who "went the extra mile" to empty our green wheelie bins following parking on yellow lines
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Hats off to our bin men

Parking problems

On behalf of the residents of Holcroft Place, Lytham, of who I am one, I would like to thank the recycling men who “went the extra mile” to empty our green wheelie bins.

Holcroft Place is opposite Lytham Hall Park Primary School and, at noon, parents arrive to collect their nursery age children.

They often park in our road, but unfortunately on this occasion, someone arrived and double parked directly opposite two other cars.

The road is narrow, and when the recycling truck arrived, it could not get through the gap between the parked cars.

So the men had to park the truck at the end of the road, bring all the wheelie bins to it, empty them and take them all back again afterwards.

There are 26 bungalows in Holcroft Place and it took them at least 10 minutes longer than normal to empty all the bins.

They were very good natured about it, and they deserve our thanks.

They could have driven off and left all the bins un-emptied but, as my photograph shows, they carried out their job with pride, despite such selfish parking.

Name supplied

Holcroft Place


The economic recession

Whose fault was it?

Richard Hook continues with the Tory fairy story about the 2008 recession.

In case he was not aware the problems started in the USA under George Bush, spread across Europe and snowballed to the UK, caused by greedy banks and bad lending.

In 2010 Cameron’s Tories came in, never elected, conned the Lib Dems into government, and set about totally destroying the economy that Alistair Darling was creating.

But this is on no surprise.

The Tories wreck everything to do with the working man and most disgusting of all selling Royal Mail.

Peter Elliott

Palatine Road

South Shore dog fouling

A problem

I only live about 200 metres from the Solarium small park and another 200 metres from the Co-operative shop on Harrowside Road.

On this 400 metre stretch lots of dogs are taken to the park.

Lately more and more mess left by irresponsible dog owners almost daily we are left with this problem.

The dogs may not be in control but the owners are, to clean up the pavement.

These careless persons should be prosecuted and fined as soon as possible, ideally on the spot.

C Victor De-Nagy

Gill Court



Silver Line Launched

Lonely old

Esther Rantzen has recently launched her second telephone helpline, similar to Child Line for children, called Silver Line, for older, lonely people.

It is understood that more than half of people over 75 live alone, and a fifth of them, on a typical day, see no-one, having only the television for company.

What does this say about the rest of society?

Are they too busy, too self absorbed, too uncaring to notice that other people are suffering emotionally, through loneliness and neglect?

We know that life these days is like a speeded up film, and on a constant treadmill but all these lonely, quite often ailing, people have neighbours, who could enquire if they were alright, or needed any shopping doing?

Five minutes taken out of our day to phone someone, to enquire if they’re alright, is priceless, and means so much to that person.

The human spirit needs love to survive but, unfortunately, there’s less of it around today.

The fact that it should have to be set up in the first place is a damning indictment on the rest of us.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


Fracking on the Fylde

Calm debate

I agree with Barbara Mackenzie of St Annes Town Council (Gazette, September 11) and Peter Grindrod (September 14) regarding fracking.

It would be great to have an independent, expert scrutiny on fracking combined with a sensible, calm debate – but how can that possibly happen in the current climate?

We have a Prime Minister stating it is an issue he is determined to win. We are being assaulted by a massive PR campaign which continues to quote benefits and job creation statistics which cannot be substantiated.

Our MPs have capitulated and are only interested in lobbying the PM for more money every time a frack is carried out. Shale gas exploration is continuing regardless. A sensible, independent, calm debate?

Literally a pipe dream, I fear!

This is all about profit before people, cash before community.

John Baille