Letters - September 19, 2012

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I CANNOT act as spokesperson for Fleetwood Town Council, but now the £7.4m leisure services scandal is fully out, I must comment as a resident and representative of the people in my own ward on the town council.

The recent continued disregard for Fleetwood by Wyre Borough Council and its apparently comfortable cabinet is but the latest in its clear neglect for the port and its people.

Not only did they propose, to spend none of the £7.4m in Fleetwood, but they actually attempt to support the report, and defend the indefensible.

They consider our sports and leisure facilities as not requiring any of this money, yet they do expect our town council to chip-in on various items, with nothing like the available funding.

What bare-faced nerve and utter contempt. And what of the so-called ‘opposition’ – where are they?

I can only hope the people of Fleetwood have taken note, as they often do, and remember this and other cases of neglect at the future elections.


Rossall Ward

Fleetwood Town Council

I READ with interest the remarks and advice on flu injections, and after the worst summer on record I would have thought these would have been offered sooner than later.

But a call to my surgery quashed that idea as it will be the end of October. I do hope the flu bugs have been told they are not allowed to infect until November.

Our friends in Wales are being offered jabs in late September.


AFTER reading a recent critical letter, I must write in defence of Blackpool Airport.

Admittedly I do not like car park P2, but if you arrive a little sooner when two flights are going out you can usually use car park P1.

Again arrive slightly sooner to avoid the queues at security and if you need food and drink.

Just compare Blackpool to Manchester Airport – much longer queues everywhere.

You have no problem going down the M6 to Blackpool and both car parks are near the terminal and are free for up to two weeks. I feel we need to know what the £10 is used for.

There is no evidence of any improvement as yet. But long live Blackpool Airport. We should appreciate what we have here in the Fylde and the convenience it gives to people in the surrounding area.

Let us appreciate this vital asset and not keep knocking it.


Knott End