Letters - September 17, 2012

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There is a lot of confusion, fuelled by inaccuracy and rumour, surrounding the two competing bids to develop a new Poulton supermarket.

The Co-op, not Dransfield, owns the Teanlowe Centre.

CROP (Concerned Residents Of Poulton) has called for the two opposing parties to work in partnership.

They have lobbied Wyre Council to follow the spirit of the government’s Localism Act by encouraging the community to be more actively involved in decisions that affect them.

There are pros and cons with both schemes.

Booths will refurbish the mall and build a larger supermarket within the footprint of the Teanlowe Centre, offering quality foods at premium prices.

Dransfield/Asda will not refurbish the mall, but will build a similar-sized supermarket outside, offering more competitive pricing.

The Booths supermarket will turn its back on Blackpool Old Road and restrict access from buses and taxis, and reduce the number of retail units.

Dransfield/Asda will build a new barn style Market Hall, incorporating a new public library and post office on the ground floor, and new retail units. Booths will use dry stonewalling and timber cladding alien to the local townscape.

Dransfield/Asda will build a nondescript steel and glass box. Booths pledge to maintain competition by offering their old store to another supermarket.

Dransfield/Asda will provide more competition, and will compete with the existing Booths store.

Whatever is built is going to shape the town for the next 50 years, or more, and will impact on public transport and an overburdened traffic system.

That is why it’s just too important to be left to market forces, and why the community should be allowed to choose exactly what is best for Poulton.



Britain has always been a hugely generous nation when it comes to charity.

In these tough economic times, charities are grateful for this continued support.

But there is another easy way to make a real difference for good causes, by leaving a gift in a will.

Currently, only around seven per cent of us do this. Even this has a major impact, raising almost £2bn a year to charities, equivalent to around 19 Comic Relief appeals.

Without these gifts, many charities would not exist, and much good work across our communities simply would not happen.

When it comes to wills, people want to make sure family and friends are looked after. We understand this is important.

We ask that they think about making room for charity in their will, after they’ve taken care of family and friends.


Signed by Dame Judi Dench, Jeremy Irons, Christine Hamilton, Michael Fish, Janet Street-Porter, Adrian Plass, Sian Lloyd, Margaret Mountford, Francis Rossi, Alastair Stewart, Mark Beaumont, Ronni Ancona, Haydn Gwynne, Laura Carmichael, Robin Knox-Johnston

Prince Harry is one in a line of famous warriors who posed in the nude, their statues can be found throughout the world, Hercules, for instance.

There are also statues of men with no heads. They are the ones who complained.


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