Letters - September 13

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SHOWING Blackpool Tower and the Promenade on the news gave a free, valuable boost to Blackpool’s tourist trade.

If Blackpool wants to attract families back, they should get rid of sleaze and tat, restrict the number of hen and stag parties, and show zero-tolerance to alcohol bingers who spill out of pubs and lounges in the town centre, causing alcohol-fuelled mayhem.

We have visited a lot of UK holiday resorts over the years, but have always thought that Blackpool is the greatest, with interesting things to do and places to visit, from Lytham through to Fleetwood (and not forgetting quaint Poulton). There’s nowhere else like it, and it’s a marvellous place to live, too.

When the pot-holed roads have been resurfaced, the Prom alterations completed, and the new trams are operating, it’s going to be the best!


Whitemoss Avenue


I refer to the letter from the self-confessed “Slum Landlord” (Gazette Letters, September 8).

I am dismayed that a landlord with 10 years’ experience hasn’t grasped the essentials.

Firstly, help is readily available from the Fylde Coast Landlords’ Forum, which is free to join; also through the Fylde Coast Landlords’ Accreditation Scheme and, of course, the Residential Landlords’ Association. Secondly, the most well-behaved tenants will only be attracted to good quality accommodation. Tenant referencing being essential in this regard.

Thirdly, up-front deposits tend to guarantee that premises will not be trashed when the tenant leaves.

The landlord complains of being plagued by ill-behaved tenants. I would suggest they be removed. Then start afresh with tenants who can provide deposits and references. If the landlord is in the wrong part of town with unsuitable property, I can only imagine it was of his own volition.

John McGlynn

Fylde Coast Landlords’ Forum

FITTING low energy light bulbs cuts household electricity use by more than 10 per cent on average, so the end to the production of 60W incandescent light bulbs should have been welcomed by everyone.

Instead, I have mostly heard the usual UKIP grumbles about Britain being pushed around by Europe.

The phase out of these bulbs was announced by Britain in September 2007.

EU prime ministers didn’t agree it should be the policy for everyone until December 2008. Britain was among those doing the pushing, not those being pushed.

Chris Davies

Lib Dem MEP for the North West