Letters - September 12

Picture Martin Bostock.'Fleetwood lifeboat Day at Fleetwood Lifeboat Station.'The crews stage a demonstration rescue.
Picture Martin Bostock.'Fleetwood lifeboat Day at Fleetwood Lifeboat Station.'The crews stage a demonstration rescue.
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MAY I thank customers at Morrisons in Cleveleys who contributed to the collection being held on behalf of the RNLI (Fleetwood Lifeboat Financial Branch).

The total raised was £509.01 and this is a very welcome addition to the funds of the RNLI, which provides such a worthwhile service to all seafarers whether commercial or leisure users, such as boats from Fleetwood Marina and windsurfers.

Your readers may be interested to know, Fleetwood has recently has a new faster inshore boat provided which has already proved its worth in helping the crew to reach a windsurfer who, without their timely intervention, may well have drowned.

Collecting outside stores does produce some positive results despite inclement weather and we thank everyone who contributed.

If anyone is interested in collecting at future events please contact Graham on 772146.


Hon Treasurer

I AM an ex Royal Scots Dragoon Guard trooper, serving six years for my country and have seen action in the First Gulf War, and witnessed many appalling and horrendous sights.

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, Gulf War syndrome and depression. Due to my illness I had to leave the army.

I have never been able to settle in my home town of Stirling and not getting the help I so desperately needed, I began to feel isolated and for the umpteenth time had another breakdown.

I had heard Blackpool had a special place in its hearts for veterans and I came down hoping someone could help me. I stumbled on Supporting Our Brave and they took me under their wing and gave me the assistance which has turned my life around.

They have helped me far beyond anything I could imagine and found me treatment through their associates Taking2minds, a charity which uses a holistic approach in tackling stress related conditions.

It’s not just Supporting Our Brave, the people of Blackpool met me with kindness and understanding. I was extremely touched by this.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back and offering me hope.


I HAVE noticed the recent proliferation of using the term champion or hero for the heads of various council projects.

Now call me cynical but my own personal idea of a champion or hero is the sort of person that saves us from fires, patrols our streets or rescues us from car wrecks, and protects our shores.

I have some experience of these people and have been proud to have them as friends and even neighbours.

But the current trend by local authorities to create some titular head as ‘champion’ for this or that, has something gimmicky about it.

The real champions are the blue light and other such services and, of course, those who die for their country.


Hodder Close