Letters - September 11, 2013

Pictures Martin Bostock'Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On 2013
Pictures Martin Bostock'Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On 2013
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That switch -on

Two views

I can fully appreciate everyone is up in arms at the huge loss the Switch-On weekend generated. However, I can also appreciate the organisers are not complete idiots.

They decided to make this year’s event chargeable for a reason, and could this reason be that it was costing Blackpool Council, and therefore council tax payers, a small fortune to host a ‘free’ event?

I would be really interested to know what it has cost the council to host this event each year for say the last 10 years, and I would bet my last penny that it is an ever increasing sum that last year measures up to the ‘losses’ sustained this year.

Maybe they got the pricing structure, among other things, wrong, but they will learn from this and develop it in the coming years.

That is what learning curves are about. It would be interesting to know all the facts before calling ‘off with their heads’.

Even the great Peter Taylor didn’t start off organising fantastic three-day events. They have grown overtime with increased experience and I think it is only someone with a massively overblown ego that can openly criticise the council and then offer to step in as their ‘saviour’.

I applaud Coun Blackburn’s equally well publicised snub of Peter Taylor.

A Newman

St Annes

* Being a Sandgrown’un I write in despair over recent events that are making the town the laughing stock of the UK.

The Switch-On was a disaster. I paid my £34 and I am amazed they say there were more than 4,000 in there. I reckon it felt like 1,000 at the busiest. All the rest were sectioned off like steerage class outside the hoardings.

What happened to the fabulous Switch-Ons that used to take place in Talbot Square, that were packed and exciting?

Simon Blackburn the day before was moaning about businesses going bust and losing the council more than £150,000 in six years. Then the next day he admits a loss of £372,000 in one night.

Surely the way he is running this town into the ground should tell him something.

Get your act together and bring this town to what it was – a fabulous holiday resort that equalled Las Vegas. Now we are Morecambe number two.

Paul Smith

St Clements Avenue


Lost archives

HRG delight

How enjoyable the Lost Archives really are each Friday in The Gazette and The Sand In My Shoes piece is utterly delightful.

What a wonderfully 
articulate man Harold Grime (HRG) was.

His descriptive use of the English language is superb and every word is a joy.

In this dreadful ‘texting’era where abbreviations seem to be the norm how lovely to see a picture in words as Mr Grime paints every week.

Margaret Bennison


Show and venue praised

Top treat

In June my husband Alan, myself and six other family members booked a meal and a show at The Sands on Blackpool Promenade to see the Legends show.

But a couple of days before my husband was rushed into hospital.

We phoned and spoke to the manager, Lee Dumbrill, who said as soon as my husband was better we could re-book.

So we visited on Saturday, September 7. It was a great meal and a fabulous show.

We have been to Las Vegas and this show is every bit as good as anything there.

The bonus at the end of the night was that Lee, the manager, said we did not have to pay for the meal, which was well over £100.

We all thought it was a lovely gesture.

Christine Forrest

Blackpool road, 

Support for the lifeboat

RNLI thanks

On behalf of the Friends of Blackpool Lifeboat Station, we would like to say a big thank-you to Mr Hebdon and committee of Entertainment for All at Cleveleys Working Men’s Club, staff, artists and patrons helped raise £174.08 with a charity afternoon.

Christine Parry


Parliamentary war games


David Cameron’s defeat in Parliament over the Syria situation was due to a matter of trust by the electorate of politicians in general and he and his Coalition Government in particular – with many MP’s waking up to that fact.

He promised that on becoming Prime Minister he would hold a referendum on our EU membership, only to renege on it, and now it will only happen if he is re- elected.

If the Prime Minister and our MPs are at last listening to voters they should scrap the HS2 rail project, whose budget has already crept up to £40b and more likely to double .

2015 will be decisive year for those MPs who have ignored the electorate.

Phillip Griffiths

UKIP North West