Letters - September 10, 2013

STIR CRAZY One reader thinks we should be building more jails to cope with overcrowding rather than looking for community -based punishments for criminals
STIR CRAZY One reader thinks we should be building more jails to cope with overcrowding rather than looking for community -based punishments for criminals
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Syria gassing

Big bullies?

Those still demanding military action against the rogue regime in Syria are acting like playground bullies.

If China or Russia used poison gas against their own people – and both have done things almost as bad – would those who demand missile strikes on Syria advocate the same on Chinese or Russian targets? I think not.

Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close


Overcrowded jails

Prison cells

Oh dear, it’s emerged that some prisoners have to share a cell instead of having their own private accommodation.

I’d rather thought that imprisonment was supposed to be a punishment, a fact seemingly missed by the Howard League for Penal Reform, who are hot and bothered about such overcrowding.

We are all familiar with revelations about the cosy lifestyle some enjoy, with more mod cons than some people on the outside.

It’s perhaps quite handy having a cell mate with who to play video games or watch telly.

Sorry, but I believe prison should be a punishment and if two to a cell, or three instead of two, is the way it is, I’ll be losing no sleep over it.

If over-crowding is a serious problem we should be building more prisons Instead of listening to softie Left liberals arguing for non-custodial sentences.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP

Old propaganda?

VAT cut

The letter from Blackpool MP Paul Maynard (Gazette, September 6) was interesting because of what I believe to be intentionally-misleading statements he made.

He is an intelligent man yet he still infers the old propaganda line such as the economic downturn which was/is worldwide was the fault of the Labour government.

He does know the financial crisis was created by the banks through bad management and risky loans, but chooses to ignore the facts, preferring not to criticise the bankers as he knows they financially back the Conservative Party.

However, his letter claims he now supports a reduction in VAT for hotels and restaurants from the crippling 20 per cent VAT rate which was imposed by his government. Is his conversion anything to do with the approaching general election? I wonder.

Readers will wonder why he supported the rise knowing it would affect the tourist trade as it does all services, accommodation, restaurants and fast food outlets even the humble bag of chips in the first place.

He also supports a government which has reduced income tax for those earning £1m per year and introduced the heinous spare bedroom tax. Mr Maynard proudly referred to the 
reduction in the deficit.

I do know that he does understand what that means, but for any reader who may be unsure, it does not mean the debt has been reduced.

It refers to the amount the government needs to borrow each month to balance the books.

As a nation we are still borrowing each month, which means our nation’s debt has risen substantially since the Tory-led Coalition took office. What the MP of a resort with a high unemployment rate should be doing is pushing for growth in the economy to create jobs rather than penalise the unemployed and the disabled.

Jack Croysdill


Blackpool North/Cleveleys

Labour Party

Bright lights

Local view

Much has been said about the costly Switch-On night, but how many of those who either paid to enter the arena or just listened from the sidelines have actually been back on to the seafront since ?

How many have even taken the trouble to see the Illuminations for themselves?

There is more to the Lights than just the launch yet no 
doubt arguments will rumble on for weeks.

Do what I did the other evening, park up in North Shore and, as a family, take a walk along Bispham cliffs to get a close up look at those 
wonderful tableaux.

All those familiar and much-loved favourites are back, waiting to be enjoyed by locals, every bit as much as the visitors we hope will come before the season ends.

Full marks to the Illuminations team for once again letting us share the delights of giant pirates, mummies, ghosts and all the rest.

Alice Brown


Roadworks chaos

No entry

I live within the network of Marton streets off East Park Drive that are being resurfaced and getting my children to school is a nightmare.

I accept this work needs doing but surely residents should get some notice of which streets,leading to the outside world, are about to be blocked off next morning.

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