Letters - October 9, 2014

CRYING SHAME Blackpool Gazette readers have written in , decrying the closure of Blackpool Airport, and calling for the council to step in with new funding, rather than supporting a bid for  a new hotel
CRYING SHAME Blackpool Gazette readers have written in , decrying the closure of Blackpool Airport, and calling for the council to step in with new funding, rather than supporting a bid for a new hotel
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Airport closure

End of era

What a sad day the closure of Blackpool Airport is for the whole of the Fylde coast and especially the workforce.

Only time will tell if the truth will be told on why this important asset has been allowed to come to a disgaceful end.

Balfour Beatty must accept that the ADF (Airport Development Fee) has put off airlines choosing to fly from Blackpool.

But what also must be questioned is that if Jet2’s flights are 95 per cent full, why did they not use the routes they had rights to, preventing other airlines from using them?

As for the council, what planet are they on?

They can raise over £11m to fund a four star hotel aimed at business people, however do not seem to be that interested in saving the facility that these people would most likley want to use.

I do hope investment will be available.

Gordon Marsden, Blackpool South MP, is quoted as saying ‘the Government has said money is available for the development of new routes’.

This may be too late, who knows, but hopefully it’s not or we might as well put up a sign on the M55 saying ‘ welcome to the housing estate of the Fylde coast’.

G. Rowe

Thornton Cleveleys

So Blackpool Council can justify the funding of yet another unwanted hotel in the resort, but cannot help keep open Blackpool Airport and support over 100 local jobs in the process?

Has Council Leader Simon Blackburn, or indeed any of his sidekicks, recently walked down to the South Shore/Starr Gate area and counted the number of hotels boarded up and giving the town a bad name?

The figure for the new hotel quoted was £14m, about the price it would cost to buy the airport fromthe current owners Balfour Beatty.

Please CounBlackburn, don’t tell us yet again the council cannot afford to buy the airport, especially now you are funding this new hotel venture, and all for what?

Just to hold a party conference in the town every three or four years? What a sacrifice to make.

Labour and Tory councils have both mismanaged the airport and you should all hang your heads in shame.

If it had been invested in like it should have been, it wouldn’t be in this mess today.

There are a lot of unanswered questions which, sadly, we will never get to know the answers to, but in the meantime the country’s oldest airport is being closed .

Mr Robert Boyce

Trinity Gardens


Having been in Portugal since September 25, I have returned back to my apartment to check my emails to find from Jet2 my flight due to return to Blackpool on Sunday afternoon, will now be diverted to Manchester.

I had been fully aware of the issues with the airport a few days after starting my holiday, but felt reassured that at least in the worst case scenario I would have at least managed to fly back to Blackpool.

My husband and I both live on the Fylde coast in Poulton.

We travelled to the airport in my car and left it parked there, so we could get back after a lovely holiday and be home within 15 minutes.

We now find ourselves some 50 minutes away if we are lucky, now adding to that the transfer by coach to Blackpool Airport to collect our car, along with those others who have left cars as well, tainting our lovely holiday memories.

I would imagine a great number of us will be feeling stressed and very angry at this especially as they had the cheek to take £20 from me before I left knowing at that time things would possibly be going to effect us.

While I have been away I’ve signed petitions tweeted to my MP s etc.

I know my husband and I are just two of many affected by this, but I no doubt speak for many.

It is a very sad day for Blackpool.

Sharron and Mark Porter

(By email)

Why, for once, can’t Blackpool Council get its act together and step in to do something about saving the airport?

As stated in The Gazette, the council is now planning on spending £14m on a hotel, which is not needed.

I am sure the hoteliers in Blackpool would agree, and no I am not one of them.

I am just a housewife with more common sense than the council seems to possess.

As the council already owns five per cent of the airport, in my opinion they would be better channelling the money into the airport and trying to save people’s jobs.

How many resorts would give their eye teeth to have an airport like ours, with established links all over Europe and beyond.

Mrs Valerie Wadsworth

Spen Place


I just flew from Blackpool Airport and they were still charging £10 per person for development, even though it will close within the week.

Surely this is bordering on fraudulent, and at the very least insensitive, given how high emotions are running.

Paul Burton

Windermere Road