Letters - October 9, 2012

BAE Systems, Warton.
BAE Systems, Warton.

THE proposed merger between our largest defence manufacturer BAE Systems and French rival EADS must not be allowed to go ahead.

It would be bad for the future of UK, it will undermine, jobs, industry, our defence and independence.

While it might appeal to BAE shareholders and others who would benefit from the deal, it is likely to lead to thousands of job losses and factory closures in the UK.

It would also lead to interference from France, Germany and Spain, who hold shares in EADS, that could compromise our defence strategy and commitments.

Worse still, it could sour our intelligence sharing and alliance with our closest and trusted ally, USA.

BAE in its current format is well positioned to sell to the lucrative US and international defence markets while keeping their foot in the door with cash-strapped European buyers.

Given the importance and consequences that are implied I can’t understand why Mr Cameron and others in his Government are backing the merger.

Our government should use the “golden share” it has, to block the deal,

I can only think they will use this as an excuse in any future referendum, claiming “its in our interests to remain in the EU, otherwise we would lose British jobs”.

If he allows this merger, it will be the final nail in the coffin of what remains of our independence, and Mr Cameron will have his finger prints all over it.


Chairman UKIP 
North West

Blackpool Transport’s managing director, Trevor Roberts, says some of the issues raised by passengers can be fixed quickly (Gazette October 6).

If this is so, why does it take having to talk to an MP on a bus in Cedar Square to get things done?

There have been many complaints concerning bus timetables and routes and cancellations.

Some to the Gazette, some to the bus management, some to the council.

Now he says ‘we can fix it’. You should have fixed it already.

Give the customers what they want, not what you want.


First Avenue