Letters - October 8, 2012

St Annes Christmas Lights switch-on by Ted Robbins and Jodie Hamblet
St Annes Christmas Lights switch-on by Ted Robbins and Jodie Hamblet
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I AM writing in regard to the proposed changes to the St Annes Christmas Lights switch-on (Gazette, October 3).

We have been doing panto in Lowther Pavilion, Lytham, for the past 20 years providing opportunities for local talented children.

This year we are doing Wizard of Oz with approximately 100 local children.

Preston Guild Theatre has given us the opportunity at the Christmas Lights switch-on to promote our panto every year, with our principals entertaining the crowds.

Preston provides this service in Lytham, Ansdell and St Annes free of charge.

There has been a lot of local talent showcased at these switch-ons and this will be sadly missed if the Preston Guild Theatre is no longer taking part in the switch-ons.

Fylde councillors should be supporting local children to help showcase their talents.


Lytham St Annes Youth Theatre and Rainbow Dance Studio


IN reply to the attack on Blackpool Against Cuts (Letters, September 29), I would like to state a few facts.

First, Blackpool Against Cuts is not a front for any political party and exists purely to oppose the reckless and destructive economic policies of this government which we believe are causing irreversible damage to our economy.

While it is true some supporters are Labour Party members (including myself), many are not and we would be critical of any government carrying out the same disastrous neo-liberal policies.

Secondly, the anonymous clarion should get his or her facts right or indeed just include some. The crisis was not caused by overspending by the previous government but the need to prevent the world economy from going into meltdown because of the reckless behaviour of the banks.

It is this bailout which caused the current deficit and this government which is making things worse through their failed “austerity’ policies.”


Blackpool Against Cuts

TESTIMONY Films is producing a new documentary for ITV1 with David Suchet, TV’s Poirot, exploring and celebrating the life and work of best-selling author Agatha Christie.

We are looking for people with first-hand knowledge of her or her work to talk about their experiences.

Did you, or a friend or relative, know Agatha Christie? Perhaps she once visited the area?

If you have memories to share, please contact Pete Vance, on 0117 925 8589, pete.vance@testimonyfilms.com or at Testimony Films, 12 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH.


Testimony Films

MAY I thank customers at Morrisons in Cleveleys who contributed to the collection on behalf of the RNLI (Fleetwood Lifeboat Financial Branch).

The total raised was £558.50 and this is a very welcome addition to the funds of the RNLI, which provides such a worthwhile service to all seafarers, whether commercial or leisure users such as boats from Fleetwood 
Marina and windsurfers.

Readers may be interested to know Fleetwood station has a new faster inshore boat provided which has already proved its worth in helping the crew reach a windsurfer who, without their timely intervention, may well have drowned.

If anyone is interested in collecting at a future event on November 3, please contact Graham on (01253) 772146.


Poulton Road


WHO are the councillors on Wyre Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee who voted through this plan for 
leisure cash (Gazette October 2).

Do any of them live in Fleetwood, especially Lynne Bowen, who in her own words says: “Fleetwood has had £1.04m spent on it and that’s enough.”

May I point out it was £1.04m spent over the last seven years.

It was a lot less than this committee is 
proposing to spend on “bringing Garstang, Poulton and Thornton up to Fleetwood’s standard”.

This councillor and committee, and consultancy firm, have obviously not visited the leisure centre at Fleetwood or they have failed to take into account the mess that was the outdoor 
swimming pool.

It’s a disgrace.

The committee should have considered 
funding the skate board park which has been proposed.

Is that not a leisure facility?

Instead the good people of Fleetwood have to raise the money themselves.

I am sick of this Tory- run council bypassing Fleetwood and denying it the cash it needs.

If everyone in Fleetwood withheld the council tax perhaps Wyre Council and its committees would realise we are not just a revenue source to update areas outside Fleetwood.


Darbishire Road