Letters - October 5, 2011

September aerial view 2004.'BAe Systems, Warton. PIC BY ROB LOCK
September aerial view 2004.'BAe Systems, Warton. PIC BY ROB LOCK
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I AM deeply saddened at the loss of jobs at BAE Systems, and the serious knock-on effect to the whole Fylde coast and Preston area.

Blackpool and Preston need to start working together as one combined outfit, and fast, or we will fall flat on our faces.

We need new jobs straight away, and I suggest this.

Bulldoze Blackpool Airport, and on the site build a Center Parcs-style dome attraction, with maybe a bio dome like they have in Wales. Then use BAE Warton as the airport to cater for Blackpool and Preston.

Run the trams through to Warton and Preston so we are fully open to easy trading, and put us on a par with Manchester. We must think outside the box, or we may as well roll over and accept defeat.


Peel Road


WITH so much bad news about, I just wanted to highlight the very enjoyable time a friend and I had visiting Blackpool.

In particular, we visited the zoo, and the fact that we are both registered blind was no trouble at all.

A lady called Natalie, from the education department, and Jude, from the marketing department, gave us a guided tour and really added colour and meaning to the visit. Nothing was too much trouble.

The zoo is a real asset to the town, based on our experience, and also a big thumbs up to the staff and great facilities at the Claremont Hotel.

It all added up a great time, of course the weather helped. And we’ll definitely be coming back.



I SEE that a reader wants more designer shops in Kirkham.

Sadly, in these difficult times, not too many can afford the over- inflated prices in these shops for goods which are often made in poor countries anyway.

I agree that posh shops would look nice but they would be of no use to the millions with a pound shop income.