Letters - October 4, 2012

Jim Stansfield former vice-chairman of the Thornton Action Group .
Jim Stansfield former vice-chairman of the Thornton Action Group .

YOUR excellent report on the life and journalistic achievements of Jim Stansfield, former Gazette reporter and before that of the Daily Mail, omitted to mention the work he did for Thornton Action Group (TAG) after his retirement.

When TAG was formed in 2000 Jim volunteered to become secretary, a job he did with great enthusiasm for two years.

He was a key figure in getting TAG up and running.

He then took on the role as vice-chairman for a further five years until ill health meant he could no longer continue in this post.

Jim was very affable on the surface but beneath there was steely determination to get things done to improve Thornton. The work he began still goes on.

Thornton today faces fresh problems and challenges - housing, green spaces, traffic, flooding.

The need for TAG is just as great - to keep residents informed, to seek out the views of residents and to make sure their views are heard by those who make the decisions which affect our community.



Thornton Action Group

IN response to Paul Crossley’s letter regarding 999 What’s Your Emergency, saying its damaging Blackpool, it should be on TV for everyone to see what Blackpool is letting in to its town.

Even the locals cannot go out without something happening.

It should show the work the emergency people have to do and what we the locals have got to put up with.


Saville Road,


I NOTE the comments of the county council’s Rick Hayton, assistant director of strategic network management, that the drainage system struggled to cope during recent floods.

I cannot speak for all the Fylde area, but if they look after the drainage system as well as they do on the A583 it is little wonder it floods.

I walk along the Kirkham by-pass every day and virtually all the gullies are blocked with grass growing through them, a total lack of maintainance.

Believe it or not, water cannot escape down blocked gullies.

The county has no control over the weather true, but we pay enough in council tax to ensure the basics are done.

Without the maintainance required this will and does happen every time we have heavy rain.


Saint John’s Avenue,