Letters - October 31, 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner election is on November 15
Police and Crime Commissioner election is on November 15
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LOOKING at the front page article (Gazette October 29), I noticed a major omission.

That is contact with the local police force and neighbourhood unit.

When my car was damaged in mid August I tried to ring Bonny Street police station, with no answer, then Bispham with no answer. I then rang 101 and was put on hold for 20 minutes.

After this they took my telephone number and email address because they were busy and told me they would get back in the morning.

When they rang back it was Blackburn Central Division, they took the details and said that they would pass them onto Blackpool and I should have a visit from the neighbourhood unit “within the next few days”. Nine days later I received a telephone call from the neighbourhood unit. The day after the incident with my car, we had heavy flooding and I again rang 101. This time it was answered by Hutton Police headquarters who asked where in Blackpool I was because they had no knowledge of Blackpool.

Ring 101 and it could be answered at any call centre in Lancashire that happens to be quiet at that time. Why can’t we have local numbers back? Why can’t we have the number for the neighbourhood team? Why can’t they restore person to person contact instead of just a call?

I will be raising these points at the next Park Ward meeting of PACT which is on a new night of Thursday November 1 at 6pm at Boundary Primary School.



Grange Park Community Partnership.

A DISTURBING aspect of the ridiculous no smoking signs in parks is the deceptive nature of the message being purveyed by ‘designated no smoking area’.

Clearly it is designed to imply, and mislead the public into believing, that there is some statutory basis for the designation, whereas no such authority exists.

The council has form here already in the ‘Blackpool is 30 or less signs dotted around our roads.

A number of roads in the borough, such as Progress Way and Yeadon Way, have 40mph limits so these signs are clearly a deliberate and outright untruth.

When they are seeking to promote their personal hobby horses our councillors need to remember they do not act as individuals, or even a pressure group, but the servants of those they have been elected to represent.

If they do not put truth and integrity at the top of their agenda, they cannot expect to be believed or have their decisions respected in the future.


Devonshire Road,


RESURFACING work has recently meant the evening closure of a busy stretch of Fleetwood Road with all traffic diverted in both directions instead along Arundel Drive, Carleton.

Despite yellow ‘no waiting’ cones on both sides along the whole length of this spine road of the Carleton Green housing estate, so many cars were still parked up, creating problems for the extra traffic generated by the diversion.

Why such a blatant disregard for the cones? No-one is above the law.