Letters - October 3

Punch bag amusement arcade machine
Punch bag amusement arcade machine
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AFTER visiting some takeaways, it has made me question whether they are takeaways or arcades, and the contribution this makes to local incidents and crime levels.

I noticed one of those punch bag machines has recently been introduced to one takeaway, and wondered what the benefit of this is, besides a little extra income for the owners. Do they have to have a special licence?

And surely, if people want to play on these hazardous machines, they have plenty of arcades along our regenerated Promenade?

If you want an example of what happens with these punch bags, all you need do is switch on a TV and watch holiday programmes from resorts such as Malia and Magaluf, where British tourists are regularly filling up A&E departments which are already overworked.

Someone ban them quick!


Ribble Road


I RECENTLY visited Jersey and would like to point out to planners the way St Helier has its bus station.

Something similar would be ideal for Blackpool.

The buses are away from the travellers, hence not dangerous, there are no fumes where the travellers are, it was open until 10pm at night and has an information service, toilets, cafe, and comfortable seating.

This would be ideal for Blackpool, and maybe attract more tourists.

Also, the timetable is extremely reliable.

Our information areas should be for Blackpool Transport and Stagecoach, and they should realise that the customer comes first and therefore be willing to work together, all bus and coach companies.


Fairfield Avenue


I AM in agreement with Coun Don MacNaughton regarding the total reopening of the railway from Poulton to Fleetwood (Letters September 29).

If, and when, fully opened, this will prove to be of economic benefit to Poulton and Fleetwood, due to the number of visitors who will be attracted to each end of the line, not excluding Thornton Cleveleys, where the large, long platformed station can accommodate trains of up to 10 coach lengths.

This railway requires double track throughout its length, in order to accommodate a regular timetable.

Until recently, I had the privilege of being a trustee of Poulton and Wyre Railway Society, but, due to constant in-fighting between a minority group of society executive members and the trust, three trustees resigned en-bloc.

It is tragic these society/trust members merely wish to extend their model railway interests to a full gauge layout, with only heritage operation on the agenda. A heritage railway operation is fine, but a commuter railway must be run in a commercial manner.

As a trustee, I have been privy to discussions with council bodies and Network Rail, with whom great progress was made towards the reopening, renovation and reconstruction of the railway.