Letters - October 24, 2012

Afternoon tea dance at Claremont First Step Community Centre, Blackpool
Afternoon tea dance at Claremont First Step Community Centre, Blackpool
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IN answer to a recent letter about isolation of the elderly, it is a problem all over the country but more so in Blackpool, with our deprivation problems.

People who used to have 
active lives through family, their job etc, sometimes find themselves as they get older with a different lifestyle to one they have been used to.

It can become very depressing if you have had good friends and they have passed away, you are left alone and your family have either moved away.

I would like to suggest joining us here at Claremont First Step Community Centre where we have a social club on a Monday or a luncheon club on a Friday.

Once you have taken that first step through our door, you become part of our First Step Family.

We run courses, gentle exercise classes, trips out, holidays and too many parties to mention and can pick you up door to door in our own mini-bus or offer the Rideability service.

I implore you not to sit isolated any more.

There is lots going on in Blackpool make yourself known and help us to help you start a whole new chapter in your life.

Please ring us on (01253), 299306 there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone.


Claremont First Step 
Community Centre,

Dickson Road,


I READ with interest the problems Classic Bus North West are having with Blackpool Council receiving their payments for NOW concessionary passes (Gazette October 17).

It mentions in the article ‘major operators find electronic scanning of NOW cards a convenient and accountable method provided they make the up front investment in ticketing machines etc’.

Blackpool Transport Services do I believe scan the cards on their buses but I have yet to see them being scanned on the trams.

But of course often that would be impossible because they are so over-loaded at times that the guards cannot get near to check the cards or scan them if they had the equipment.

I do hope that the council carry out similar investigations on the trams (if they can get on) as ‘without checks the system could be open to abuse, costing tax payers extra money’ to quote John Donnellon, Blackpool Council’s services director.

For what is fair with a small operator applies also to their company too.


Melville Road,


MORE often than not waiting 15 or 20 minutes for a bus is bad enough, as is some annoying passenger telling us all and the person on the other end of their mobile that they’re on the bus is another annoying fact of life, or the person in the street not looking where they’re going because they’re too busy texting.

Or the shop counter assistant talking on their mobile while serving you and all this is a normal part of every day life, but as the dreaded season is on its way, I’ve already caught the Victor Meldrew disease really bad now having entered Debenhams and seeing to my horror, their Christmas trees up by October 20...I don’t believe it!


Ashton Road,