Letters - October 22, 2014

Big band specialist Terry Reaney
Big band specialist Terry Reaney
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Musicians first class


I would like to congratulate Mr Terry Reaney and the Blue Bird Big Band for the wonderful evening of music and songs by Terry and the lady songstress recently at Blackpool Sixth Form College.

The musicians were all first class and some of them were only in their teens.

Mr Reaney is a superb trumpet player and has performed with some of the world’s most famous bands and compares with the likes of Harry James and Eddie Calvert to name just two.

The concert ended all too soon for the very appreciative audience.

We look forward to the next concert at St John’s in Thornton on December 10.

So until then, thank you again.

Mrs Kathleen Holt

Winchester Drive


Council tax discount


Wyre residents will be amazed and appalled that the Wyre Labour councillors proposed and voted for the abolition of the single person council tax discount.

This would hurt hard working single people and the 
elderly and is unjust.

Any single person household in a band D council tax in Wyre would find their council tax bill increase by £376 per year and for many that would be too much of a financial burden. Wyre Conservatives voted against this proposal and I would like to reassure all single Wyre residents that your discount is safe in Conservative hands.

Coun Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Council

Shop helps charities

Support us

In August I opened a small shop to help raise funds for local charitable and voluntary organisations.

In the last two months I have raised £1,150 and helped three organisations.

We are a charity shop with a difference because we change monthly who we raise funds for.

I want to help people and organisations and it’s good for me as previously I have suffered with mental health and depression.

We urgently need donations of stock –the shop is at 89 Coronation Street in Blackpool .

We have also helped a few homeless people with bedding and advice, so it is a community project as well.

Our facebook page is: community fundraising shop blackpool.

Mr Kevin Long

Project Manager -Community Fundraising shop

Smoking ban in parks


The park smoking ban is being ignored and it will continue to be ignored in the future because the vast majority, including non-smokers, opposed the signs right from the start (Gazette October 17).

Why do we have to tolerate a non-enforceable law which in fact is counter-productive?

If they are not allowed to smoke in the park, people will smoke at home where most children stay.

Lord Darzi has called for smoking bans in London parks.

But it will be challenged by law in the high courts and hopefully dismissed very soon.

Public health will not improve because the signs in parks only prevent the older generation sitting down to smoke in parks.

I’m sure all this interference in the freedom of individuals is against the Helsinki human rights accord.

Victor De-Nagy

Gill Court


Nursing home praise


I recently visited the UK to visit my mother who is 91 years old and recently moved into a nursing home.

I thought it may be nice to tell the story of the nursing home where she is now residing.

I was fortunate to see for myself what the home was like. I did not tell my mother I was coming to England to see her, it was going to be a surprise, therefore the people at the home had no idea that I was coming over to see my mother.

My first impression of the Glen Tanar Nursing Home, at 65 Cavendish Road, Bispham, was how well maintained it looked from the outside.

I was greeted at the door by Lorraine Ferguson. who is the manager, of course you can imagine how my mother was when she saw me.

I was introduced to the staff of Glen Tanar and shown around and was so surprised to see how immaculately clean and well run it is.

I was introduced to the friends that my mother had made, and after speaking to many of the residents they were telling me how happy they all were, including my mother.

I have never seen my mother so happy in such a long time.

I would like to commend Lorraine and her staff for the way this home is run. They were always smiling and ready to assist.

If there are any awards to be handed out to nursing homes in your region as they periodically are here in Canada,Glen Tanar along with their staff should most certainly be 

Mrs Sandra Lees