Letters - October 20, 2014

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Object seen in the sky


I was one of those who saw the object outside the 
Probe Conference (Gazette, October 16).

It was certainly interesting and caused quite a stir outside the venue.

From my observations it did move, very slowly, probably from the north east to south west.

It moved in the same direction as the clouds and I think it was most probably some type of high altitude balloon.

I am a member of a Blackpool based group called LAPIS (Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society) that looks into unexplained phenomena in a scientific manner.

We deal with all areas of the unexplained from ‘hauntings’ to UFOs and mystery animals.

We hold a public meeting at the Guards Club on Whitegate Drive on the first Thursday of every month.

If you would like to come along to a meeting or have had an experience you would like us to look into, please get in touch on the number below.

Do I believe in UFOs? It stands for unidentified flying object, not alien spaceship, so of course I do, and as for the object seen outside the Probe conference, we don’t know exactly what it was, so it was in the true sense a UFO!

Janet Walkey

Elm Avenue


Launch of hate crime centre

Report it

Thanks to Phil and Corrin at the Ashton Pavilion Cafe in Ashton Gardens, St Annes, for being the host venue for our ‘Hate Crime Report Centre’ launch event.

The People’s Pavilion indeed! Perfect buffet and drinks served with perfect customer service.

The event launched the new third party Hate Crime Report Centre, based at Kirkham Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) during Hate Crime Awareness Week where police and various organisations shared information and made interesting presentations.

The CAB celebrated 75 years of support across Fylde with a magnificent birthday cake at the event.

I am so proud to be part of this event as police community volunteer.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering hate crime please report it. Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact me. andrew.noble@lancashire.pnn.police.uk

Andrew Noble

Police Community 

Take ‘Progress’ seriously


It seems that Blackpool’s council are not taking the town’s motto, ‘Progress,’ seriously anymore.

There are so many blunders happening, the disappearing giant seesaws, the uncrossable grey block paving in the Talbot Gateway where people choose to walk across the road when they can, an island that remains with a bashed sign.

We have a promenade area with no seating looking out to sea, but plenty of seats to sit in the traffic at Layton.

An airport that is allowed to close, yet a hotel to be built borrowing yet more money. A glass monument in Talbot Gateway with shops with no tenants.

Exquisite shops having to close through exorbitant rents in prime positions.

Nobody wants to talk about what really needs addressing in the town and decisions seem to be made by a tiny select few.

Shirley Matthews

Primrose Avenue

South Shore

Motorbike safety

‘Idiot’ rider

With reference to N. J. Parker’s letter regarding the lit up and flashing sign, “Think Biker” at the White Church traffic lights (Your Say, October 14), I’d like to suggest a small amendment to the sign by the insertion of a comma between the two words - “Think, Biker”.

Hopefully this would be seen by the idiotic motorcyclist who positioned himself three feet from my offside rear bumper earlier this week as we travelled through a 20 mph zone.

Peter Harrison



Tangerine profits rise

Grant wrong

Last month we read in The 
Gazette that Blackpool Council has given Tangerine Confectionery a grant of £125,000 to save 35 jobs.

Then we read Tangerine has announced a profits rise last year from £3m to £4.9m (Gazette October 15).

It seems wrong to be giving a grant to a company making healthy profits.

In addition we have also heard the council has borrowed in excess of £11m to build a four star hotel that is neither wanted or needed.

Now the council appears to have allowed our airport to close without much of a fight.

How do we expect to fill a new four star hotel without an airport that brings both visitors and business to Blackpool?

Surely in would have been in Blackpool’s best interests to use in excess of £11m to save 100 jobs at the airport and preserve our status as an international gateway.

Adrian L Hunter

(Address supplied)