Letters - October 20, 2011

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ATTENDING a recent meeting organised by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) on crime and punishment, two Fylde coast magistrates gave a very interesting talk about their work and answered our questions.

I was quite surprised to learn that, for example, if you were babysitting for friends and turned on the television, if the TV detector van in the area had detected you were watching a TV which had no television licence, it would be you not the householder who had to pay the fine.

This to me seems very unfair.

After all, not many people are going to admit to you they are unable to purchase a TV licence.

Perhaps our local MP would look into trying to change this ruling.


Norbreck Road


THANK you to Marton Operatic Society, and promenaders and orchestra, for your wonderful professional performance and presentation of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Gondoliers at Lowther Pavilion.

It was a delight to listen to, and the diction was perfect.

The characters really came alive.

Thank you for the kind invitation to me, and I hope you continue your good work in bringing pleasure to many people.


Mayor of Blackpool

I WAS unaware of the kerbside parking fines coming into force, until I read it in The Gazette (October 15).

I am unsure of the actual conditions of this.

Are they going to be very strict in respect of the actual measurements and get a tape measure out, or is it going to be cars that are visually obviously parked wrongly?

If this were to be introduced in Blackpool, there are certain roads where, if cars did park correctly and not on the kerbside slightly, this would significantly hinder traffic flow as certain roads are just too narrow.

Some are narrow to the point even the emergency services would not be able to get down the roads.

There is also a risk if you park correctly on these roads, your car would end up getting hit, as other cars try to get down them.

I think the council needs to look again at this and let the public know what the exact rules are.

Or maybe they should concentrate on the people still driving while on mobile phones, which is a safety risk to all, even pavement users.

Also, horse riders and cyclists who use the pavements cause a problem and blockage for prams and wheelchairs.


Common Edge Road


(Editors note: The parking rules are currently only being introduced by Lancashire County Council, not Blackpool Council)