Letters - October 18, 2012

Police operation around Central Drive.
Police operation around Central Drive.
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THE door bell rang at 11pm and two police officers were standing there.

They asked if they could please have a bucket of water as a man had urinated along my front garden wall, which had not long been painted.

Our local bobbies wanted him to clean it all off the wall himself while they watched.

That’s exactly what he did.

Our local police force in Bispham is simply the best.

They have got a job to do and they are out in all weathers looking after us all.

Well done.


Ashfield Road,


MEDDLING Brussels bureaucrats have banned the sale of home-made jams and chutneys in used glass jars, or so some national newspapers claimed last week.

Paul Nuttall of UKIP questioned whether you “could actually be flung into jail for selling your home made preserves in a previously used jam jar?”

As it was in the papers the story surely must have been true. Only it wasn’t, it was nonsense from start to 

Basic hygiene rules have applied to businesses across the EU since 2004 and can be enforced by local councils.

No-one has ever been prosecuted for reusing a glass jar (and the EU has no powers to levy fines let alone to jail someone).

The British Food Safety Agency is perfectly happy with the rules.

So yet another “euromyth” is exposed.

How can there be a serious and informed debate about the future of Britain and the EU when so many downright lies are told by people who know perfectly well what they are doing?


Liberal Democrat,

North West England.

THE closure of council tips is a disgrace.

It just means people have to travel further to get rid of their waste responsibly, and hopefully in order for it to be recycled.

But rather than helping the environment, because we have to travel further we are inadvertently creating more pollution.

It just doesn’t make sense at all!