Letters - October 14, 2014

DOWN TO EARTH The end of commercial operations at Blackpool Airport has astonished many readers
DOWN TO EARTH The end of commercial operations at Blackpool Airport has astonished many readers

Blackpool airport

Why didn’t they try harder at airport?

I would like to ask, as a person who loves flying from 
Blackpool Airport, how Balfour Beatty’s manager who ran the airport kept his job.

If, as stated, Balfour Beatty has owned the airport since 2008 and if it has lost year on year to the sum of between £1.5m and £2m, wouldn’t it be business-like after the first year of loss to call for the manager and ask what the problem is?

Then give him 12 months to do something about it by trying to attract new business to the airport?

Then, after the second year of loss, sack that manager and get someone in with a bit of knowledge on running a successful airport.

You wouldn’t just sit on a business and let it run at a loss year on year for SIX years without trying to attract new business, if you were not totally happy of the outcome being in your favour – that is being a building firm and the prospect of being able to build on the land.

This to me is criminal. 
Taking money off customers under the pretences of developing the airport when there is no intention to do any kind of developing.

Also, I think Blackpool Council, being a five per cent 
shareholder, should have showed more interest and not just rolled over and let the airport die. Their attitude stinks, as they are far more concerned with the creation of a new hotel in the town centre that they will own (like we need another one) and forgetting all the smaller hotels and guest houses that they may potentially be putting out of business.

This also reflects on the skip business that they have set up to help people with low incomes recycle, also taking business off smaller skip hire companies.

As long as they have their new offices they couldn’t care less about what is actually 
happening, they will just let a 100-year-old airport which, as Jet2 have proved, could be a successful and viable 
business. Shame on you for letting this happen.

Mark Swarbrick

via email

Rolf harris

Big Brother watches

Reading the front page article of Saturday I felt the eyes of Big Brother, the language of Newspeak and the glowering shadow of George Orwell’s bitter warning.

We became used to the editing out of official photos in Soviet-style rewriting of history of those who fell out of favour, but it isn’t a feature of British life that I want to see.

Rolf Harris’s place in the pantheon of accomplished entertainers should not be airbrushed out of the collective memory, whatever his 
loathsome criminality.

It would be heresy for his name to be banished from the Comedy Carpet just to please the Thought Police minority who can always be counted on to try to lead the rest of us where we should hesitate to go.

David Owen


Airport debacle

What price airport?

Having paid £14m for 
Blackpool Airport at the peak of property values, it would be a revelation to know what price Balfour Beatty set on an insolvent £1.5m loss-making company each year of their operation, bearing in mind their retention of all the many acres of valuable development land?

We should be told, without this cloak of secrecy, and why such unseemly indecent haste for an abortive deadline?

J.G. Smith


Road safety

Sign is a danger

About the new lit up and 
moving road sign at the White Church traffic lights.

“Think Bikers” – is this 
another of a certain Lancashire County Councillor’s crazy ideas?

Why interrupt a driver’s 
concentration and divert his eyes from the road at a traffic light?

This is surely the best way to improve the chances of hitting a biker.

N J Parker


Hotel controversy

Waste of money

The Syndicate, which the council owns, is being pulled down to create a car park, which will help make up for loss of parking on the St John’s site.

So Blackpool Council are going to pull down a building (costing money) and build a car park (costing money).

Then they (the Council) are going to rip up a car park (costing money) to build a 
hotel (costing money) that the Council won’t run.

All of this to help promote conferences based in 

Meanwhile we have no 
airport and a road network that causes several hours of tailback as soon as one car has a breakdown or there is a 
minor accident.

Marc Blakeborough

via email