Letters - October 13, 2014

20mph zone
20mph zone
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20mph speed limits


There is a worldwide effort now to reduce pollution, and emissions from vehicles forms a great part of that effort.

Even China has been persuaded to reduce the output from fossil fuels.

Everyone is looking critically with the exception of Lancashire County Council.

Not only do they encourage greater emission output from vehicles they actually enforce it.

The 20mph limits that have sprung up all over the country have a significant effect on emissions increase.

Vehicles have to travel in a lower gear and as the journey is slower it also takes longer to complete.

Just look in your rear view mirror on a cold morning to see the difference in emissions at a slower speed.

We are told this is to reduce traffic accidents but bear in the mind the improvements in vehicles over the past few years.

Improved suspension and tyres and perhaps the greatest improvement – disc brakes.

The money could be better spent in educating pedestrians not to step off the kerb as this would reduce accidents at a stroke.

I do not object to a 20mph limit near to schools at school crossing times but to impose a 20mph on short residential cul de sacs is bureaucracy gone mad.

What’s next for Lancashire County Council – a man with a red flag?

E. Bryce Goulding

Poulton Road


Older people’s day

Great event

I was in the Winter Gardens on the Civic Trust stall during the event arranged for the over 55s on Wednesday, October 1.

As described in The Gazette it was an excellent well 
attended event.

The Civic Trust were offering a postcard from a fine selection of cards free to anyone calling at the stall. The cards all depicted events in the resort over many years.

One was of the late Jayne Mansfield pulling the Illuminations switch. Others showed the big wheel and various Illuminations tableaux.

The Winter Gardens Trust had an interesting stall as did Health Watch and the CVS. The Dementia group were present they were offering free memory tests, which I took and pleased to say I passed.

There was much of interest to see. This showed a council working to provide information to benefit residents many of whom were retired in an excellent venue.

Coun Christine Wright, who on behalf of the council made a welcoming speech, deserves a special mention for organising the event.

All enjoyed the dancing and choir who were there to provide some entertainment and many expressed their hope it would be repeated in future tears.

Jack Croysdill

Bannister Court

Queens Promenade

Support poppy appeal


The leaves of autumn are starting to fall and the red Poppy of Remembrance is starting to bloom.

It is that time of year when we start to remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and give thanks to those who returned.

The Royal British Legion is the nation’s foremost ex-service charity and custodian of Remembrance and needs your help and assistance.

The Legion is there to help today’s generation of ex-service and serving men, women and their families just as it has served all generations since its formation.

If the Legion is to carry on this sterling work, it is essential to raise the necessary funds if we are to continue help all those who come to the Legion in their hour of need.

The Legion in Lancashire need your help with this year’s Poppy Appeal. Last year the Appeal raised more than £38m, a tremendous total – can you help us beat this?

There are many ways in which you could help; will you be our hero and give one hour of your time or more, to this very worthy cause?

There are many ways in which you could help, go on give it a go - you’ll enjoy it.

Michael F. 

Lancashire Poppy Appeal 

Keep cats in at night


Now the darker nights are here, may I appeal to cat owners to please keep your cat indoors after dark.

Cats that go out in the dark are more likely to be hit by a car, get into cat fights resulting in either infected scratches or abscesses and run the risk of catching cat flu, all of which will need veterinary treatment.

They can also be driven miles from home and become lost and homeless after curling 
up unseen in a motor 

Cats love warmth, so it is not difficult to encourage them to stay indoors where they are safe from danger and never put them out when you go to bed - that’s very cruel.

Mrs J.Harwood

Moor Park Avenue