Letters - October 10, 2012

The Beatles
The Beatles
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DURING the 1960s I worked backstage at the ABC Theatre on Church Street for six summer season shows including Cliff Richard, Morecambe & Wise, Cilla Black and Tommy Steele.

Every Sunday ABC Television took over the theatre to screen live Blackpool Night Out shows.

I was fortunate enough to be backstage when the Beatles appeared and watched them rehearsing all day.

I actually got a photograph signed by all four of them, which I foolishly gave away, it’s probably worth a fortune now.

I have loads of good memories of those days and the stars that appeared.


Lancaster Road


IS this not a democratic country?

Fracking and gas storage! Locals do not want it. Why is it even being considered?

I have two daughters who live in Colorado, USA, where fracking is also a big issue.

We are being treated like fodder.

If this fracking and gas storage is safe as they say it is then let them sign to say that they will compensate each and every person and home with £1m if anything goes wrong.

Surely this isn’t a lot to ask as they tell us it’s safe.

People in Colorado do not think it is safe, and they don’t live in close proximity as we do in the Fylde.

Our councillors need to listen to these companies.

To the voters, the alternative is a quick down hill slope.

There is a quote that says “I once wondered why somebody didn’t do anything. Then I realised I was the somebody.”


Upper Lune Street


OFF I went to Bispham village to do my shopping when I got the best surprise ever, three young lads all from Montgomery School going around with large black bags in their hand, picking all the disgusting rubbish off the ground that the lazy louts can’t be bothered to put into the bin.

Bravo boys for having the guts to do it.