Letters - October 1, 2014

GREAT MAN Comments made about wartime leader Winston Churchill have angered reader Chris Clayton
GREAT MAN Comments made about wartime leader Winston Churchill have angered reader Chris Clayton
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Candidate’s comments


Benjamin Whittingham’s comments about Churchill (Gazette, September 24), make me fear for this country when a man who aspires to be a prominent politician shows such ignorance and disdain.

Without Churchill’s efforts Mr Whittingham would not have the freedom to label such men as he does.

Churchill repeatedly hammered at Parliament about Hitler’s regime and mobilisation, also his treatment of Jews, Slavs and Gypsies. Some racist!

Churchill was far from perfect (aren’t we all), but he was a great man.

It is indeed fortunate that Hitler did not take over Europe as people such as Mr Whittingham would have known what real racists are.

Chris Clayton (Ex-Gunner)

Layton Road


Blackpool Airport

Pay back fee

Further to my previous letter regarding the £10 Airport Development Fee imposed on passengers, surely if we paid £20 three weeks ago and Balfour Beatty are selling or closing the place a week next Wednesday, we are entitled to a full refund?

It wouldn’t make a great difference to their £75m black hole.

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road


Ed Miliband’s speech


Sam Rushworth’s article supporting the economic policies of Miliband and Balls, displays the naivety you come to expect from prospective Labour politicians (Politically, Correct September 24).

He talks about the coalition government being in power for nearly five years and still not having cut the deficit.

He has conveniently forgotten his party were in power from 1997 to 2010 and their key claim to economic prudence was to sell 400 tonnes of our gold reserves at a knock down price. Also their profligate spending policies reduced our ability to withstand the banking crisis.

He tries in vain to portray Miliband as a man of the people who in the interests of fairness has graciously agreed take a five per cent pay cut.

He fails to mention he and his partner have a joint income of £300,000 a year and live in a £2.5m property .

If he wants to be truly fair then he can agree to the proposal to restrict Scottish MPs in Parliament voting on matters impacting on England.

He can agree to the Boundary Commission proposals to realign the electoral constituencies which currently give Labour an unfair advantage.

But Miliband’s definition of fairness is to put off any decision that will impact on his desire to cling to power, the needs and wishes of the country are secondary.

Whichever party wins the next election is going to have to make even further spending cuts, cuts the Labour opposition have continually voted against in this Parliament.

I had hoped Miliband would tell the country how he intends to balance the books yet his party speech lacked any credible information on how he intends to achieve this.

Paul Siddall

Hayfield Avenue


Community drug service


I am extremely concerned about the transfer of Community Drug Services have been privatised in Blackpool and no longer under the NHS.

Firstly, Hope House has closed down and patients are confused about where to get new treatment.

Secondly, they have opened a new clinic near my house at the old Harrowside Surgery.

Please don’t accuse me of NIMBY-ism, but no one consulted the local people living in the area.

Mrs S. Tyler



Scouts fund-raiser

Thanks to all

What a fantastic morning was had by all at our first coffee morning held in the hall at St Christopher’s Church to raise funds for our scouts going to the world jamboree in Japan next year.

Also two senior Scouts are off to help in Sweden and Nepal.We had stalls full of home-made jams and cakes, and Jean and other members of the church making endless tea, coffee and toast.

It might be ‘old hat’ but it is still the best way to bring people together.

There were tables full of people buying until the stalls were sold out.

These lovely people raised more than £500 in two hours.

Also thank you to the Queendeans charity for their £500 for the goods they need.

There is lots more fund-raising to do, including a race night at Blackpool Cricket Club on October 10.

Coun Lily Henderson

Honorary President of

Blackpool Scouts