Letters - October 1, 2012

Cottle - the Gerry Cottle circus cast
Cottle - the Gerry Cottle circus cast
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BLACKPOOL has done it again – brought showtime back to our town.

Las Vegas? Move over. We are doing it here.

I went to see the Wow Circus at the Globe at the Pleasure Beach.

I knew the show was going to be different, but how different I was soon to find out.

For 100 minutes we had 50 incredible acts, give or take one or two.

And what a treat.

We had comics and clowns, mind-blowing limbo dancers, stupendous high wire acts, jugglers galore, and a finale that cannot be revealed because it is so unbelievably brilliant.

If you want to cheer yourself up then treat yourself for a night to remember.

Everybody in Blackpool should see this show.


Fifth Avenue


I TOOK my wife and grandchildren to Gerry Cottle’s Wow Circus, which is well worth the £10 admission.

I have never seen a cast of performers work better than that in my life.

They all worked 110 per cent.

The last act – the Wheel of Death – will blow anyone away.

We are going for some more of it – my wife is 65, and I am 71 and we feel like kids again.


Station Road


AFTER a long fruitless search, I appealed through the Missing You section of Memory Lane for any information on an old schoolfriend from my days growing up in Scotland, as I thought he was now living on the Fylde coast.

The very next day Tom got in touch with me – unbelievable!

We’ve been catching up on old times ever since.

I want to thank everybody involved in getting us back in touch.




FOOTNOTE: Don’t miss Memory Lane every Tuesday and Saturday – somebody might be looking for you too.

Impressed with buses

I HAD the opportunity to travel on the new service 22 Cleveleys to Mereside via the Town centre route on Saturday, and was very impressed.

Buses are prompt and the drivers are friendly and took time to explain the route and give me a copy of the timetable.

A great pity therefore that Blackpool Tourist information knew nothing about the service and the route number is yet to be displayed on stops along the route along with the timetable – I only found it on one town centre stop. Perhaps this can be rectified sooner rather than later so that more can benefit from this service.