Letters - November 8, 2011

Cast members from Calendar Girls in Blackpool
Cast members from Calendar Girls in Blackpool
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THE Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Branch of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research had a very successful fund-raising week at the end of September during the Calendar Girls run at Blackpool Opera House.

Our stall selling the new Calendar Girls merchandise raised £3,063 and the bucket collection totalled a magnificent £4,482.

All of the money raised has been forwarded to our head office in London for research into many types of blood cancers.

May I thank people for their generosity and the cheerfulness in donating to our fund, such support is greatly appreciated.

Our special thanks go to the staff of the Opera House for all their help and kindness during the week of the show, and to the cast of Calendar Girls for the wonderful opportunities they have given to branches of the fund all over the country, not only to raise money, but also to raise awareness of the fact that research undertaken over the last 50 years is now resulting in many more people, especially children, being cured of their cancers.



TO those who are saying the people on Queens Park shouldn’t get displacement payments, how would they like it if they were told they were knocking down their house and they had to move?

That’s what’s happening to the people in Queens Park. They have a right to this £4,700.

Coun Tony Williams was wrong to criticise the people here just because some of them take drugs and are alcoholics (Gazette October 26).

It doesn’t make them bad people.

They have a right to that money just the same as the rest of the people.

I know a lot of people on Queens Park estate who take drugs and are alcoholics and they are my friends, and Coun Williams should find out about people before judging them.


Walter Robinson Court

Laycock Gate, Blackpool

THE new houses on Grange Park are completed and we have a nice pathway to the shops through the new community park.

Having lived on Draycot Avenue for 41 years behind the new estate, unfortunately I now see a seepage of water already coming through at the Draycot end.

It was always expected at this time of year. Now it is swampy.

The layout of the new park is lovely but teething problems can occur that need more thought. There are no play areas suitable for younger children and only one seat to watch them play.

I am so pleased the residents are settling in nicely. They can be assured of good living as I can vouch for on the estate.


Draycot Avenue,