Letters - November 3, 2012

Landlord Chris Wiseman, owner of the Thistle Apartments on Withnell Road South Shore
Landlord Chris Wiseman, owner of the Thistle Apartments on Withnell Road South Shore
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IN response to Coun Simon Blackburn (Gazette November 29), let’s be clear about the council powers.

On grounds of housing conditions for tenants, the council is able to act against offending businesses through the Housing Act 2004, and the Health and Safety Acts for starters, by giving notice to improve said premises or face closure which they can and always have. So there is nothing that warrants the use of a licence.

Just a day or so earlier The Gazette highlighted a long suffering hotelier on Bright Street because the council took many years before acting on it, yet we are to understand the offending premise was a hovel, so why did they not close them down on health/safety grounds.

No licence was needed for any of this which leaves anti-social behaviour, the very thing I have campaigned against since April.

Of course the Housing Act doesn’t give powers over behaviour issues. Why? Because it is not an issue about the property and conditions within.

But there are powers to deal with anti-social behaviour that was bestowed upon the police force from the heady days of Robert Peel.

The fact is sadly, over countless years passed since then, the police actually consider it not now part of their remit and the best you’ll get if indeed they do respond to a call is the classic statement ´there´s not much we can do’ or similar.

Of course there should never be a licence that effectively demands the landlords do something to stop tenants who would put them at risk of a £5,000 fine.

That is unless the licence gives special powers to landlords to evict on a one hour notice with no rights of appeal against the landlord once a tenant has committed any anti-social act.

So no licence needed at all.

Coun Blackburn was told by me and no doubt plenty of others, this will lead to much more grief.

The police must be brought back into the equation as well as the council and work with the vast majority of decent landlords before Blackpool becomes the no go area of Britain with home values lower than any other place in the country.


South Shore

WHY penalise everybody for the foolish minority?

Don’t tar everyone with the same brush.

Get rid of 24/7 drinking licences and return to regulations the UK had 50 years ago.

If the pubs and clubs are only open for three hours at lunchtime and from 6pm until 10.30pm in the evening then fewer people will be collapsing drunk on the streets in the early hours - it’s not rocket science!

Many of today’s problems have largely been brought about by relaxing the licensing laws and drinking up time.

If time is called at 10.30pm, then people will drink until 10.30pm.

If time is called at 3am, people will drink until 3am.


I WAS astounded to read a web comment from someone calling themselves ‘muckraker’ (Gazette November 27) berating the police because ‘for some time now they have only turned up after crime has been committed’.

The police may have many tools at their disposal but I doubt tarot cards and a crystal ball are among them.

Would anyone wishing the police to attend before the crime is committed please give plenty of notice.


Park Road

St Annes

READing the Memory Lane article on the Winmarith Club, Lytham Road, South Shore, (Gazette November 27) brought back some great memories of the 60s when Blackpool was Blackpool.

We had many a good steak and night out with George Wragg and his wife and staff.

What entertaining nights they were, nice smart people with the white grand piano playing requested songs for whoever you were with.

No such things as jeans and trainers in those heady days, and certainly no trouble and, wow, how the faces of the day let themselves go and relax after businesses and stalls on the Golden Mile closed.

The Champagne flowed freely!

I remember George Wragg selling off his Whitegate Drive car showrooms (where Tesco Express is now) to Joseph Locke the Irish tenor and my father buying an Armstrong Sidley car off him and remember Joseph coming to our house and doing a deal for cash, which he wanted, as the next day he did a runner buck to Ireland for tax evasion and fraud.

Great people, God bless you all, great, great times.


St Walburgas Road


POULTON Friends of Trinity Hospice (PFTH) would like to thank everyone who supported their Christmas events, which raised in total over £4000, all of which will be used to support Trinity Hospice palliative care services.

Unfortunately the Christmas Market, held on Saturday November 17 at Poulton Bridge Club, was slightly marred when someone, perhaps accidently, ‘removed’ a nine carat gold dress ring from the jewellery stall.

If the individual involved would like to either hand the ring in at the hospice or, alternatively, make a donation of £30 to PFTH, then this matter can be concluded.



Poulton Friends of Trinity Hospice