Letters - November 28, 2012

A female member of the clergy sits in the audience during the discussions over the introduction of women bishops
A female member of the clergy sits in the audience during the discussions over the introduction of women bishops
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ON Sunday morning I went to church in St Michael’s, and three women took the service.

What would we have done without them?

The negative vote for women bishops was, in my opinion, and lots of the parishioners, men included, an insult to the many dedicated women who do so much to support the church.

If, for just one Sunday, all women stayed away from churches there would be mayhem not to mention the loss in the collection.

Surely inclusion for all is preferable to discrimination, considering the equality act 2010?

Let us pray this injustice is rectified very soon.


St Michael’s.

I WRITE, as a frequent holiday-maker, with safety concerns about the motorhomes parked overnight on the Promenade, one mile south of Cleveleys.

As a motorhome owner, when I stay on a caravan site the law requires there is a minimum of five metres separation between units for safety reasons in order to restrict the spread of fire.

Blackpool authorities allow motorhomes to park overnight at the south end of the Promenade, where there is literally a few inches between units.

There are gas cylinders in use and there were also two generators when I was there.

This is on a major road on the Promenade.

I am sure the fire authorities would have a fit if they saw this fire risk.

Health and safety and environmental health officers would also have concerns.

Blackpool authorities should make an effort to stop this activity, as it is an accident waiting to happen.


Dumfries and Galloway.

WHILE the residents of Blackpool, businesses and potential investors cry out for a decent transport infrastructure, the council opts to build itself plush new offices on a site directly opposite Blackpool North railway station.

Is this really the priority for those who live in the town and those who commute to work and who have to wander poorly lit and dingy streets to find their bus?

In the interests of democracy, might I suggest a poll to ascertain the views of residents.

The question is simple: ‘Would you prefer the Talbot Road development to include a bus and rail interchange for the benefit of all Blackpool residents, or new offices for the benefit of the council and its employees?’

Surely the people of Blackpool deserve a say on a development that will affect them for decades to come.


Chatteris Place,