Letters - November 28, 2011

The Rocket Tram in the tram depot
The Rocket Tram in the tram depot
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IT is easy to sit in judgement of the actions of Blackpool Transport Services with regard to their treatment of enthusiast transport groups with their ultimatum ‘move them or we scrap them’ policy.

A major revenue and marketing opportunity is being missed with our proper heritage trams – trams which the majority of the visitors to Blackpool seek to ride on, especially the open top boat cars on a hot sunny day!

I have recently looked at the website of the San Francisco ‘F-Line’ service and on there they are actively restoring more of their famous PCC cars first introduced in the 1930s to cope with demand from the ordinary travelling public.

They also plan to introduce them to more routes because of their popularity.

The same policy has been adopted in Melbourne, where the iconic ‘W’ class cars have been returned to normal duties on several routes owing to the wishes of the people of Melbourne.

Here (as in the past) Blackpool is hell-bent on destruction of anything that represents its wonderful past, and I don’t need to list what the ‘wise-men’ in the council have done in years gone by to some of the resort’s wonderful buildings.

It’s time the management of Blackpool Transport Services looked around and saw what other go-ahead systems are doing and grab back a little of what it left of our trams before it is too late.

Instead of insulting these groups who in the past, with their hard-earned cash, have sponsored trams by hiring them for tours, placing adverts on them, paying for restorations and loaning their precious vehicles to support various events, surely co-operation is now the way forward.

As Blackpool’s visitor numbers continue to climb year by year, somehow I cannot see 16 new ‘wonder trams’ coping alongside the few so-called ‘heritage’ monstrosities, which have been altered almost beyond recognition, coping with demand, especially on a hot day when the visitors will be waiting forlornly in the hope they can board the one remaining boat-tram.

There is a need for the modern cars but like in other cities there is room for our past triumphs too!


Melville Road


ARMY dog handlers working in Afghanistan have a big drive on trying to get people to send dog treats out to them to give the dogs on Christmas Day.

One of the soldiers is happy to have the parcels sent to him, and he will distribute them. It would be great if you could send a small parcel of treats (not dog food).

Keep parcels under two kilogrammes and they go free from any post office. The last posting date to arrive before Christmas is November 30. Parcels to:

25178756 PTE Downer

Camp Bastion

OP Herrick 15


BFPO 792


Help for Heroes


THE bishops say large families cannot manage on £24,000 benefits per year.

These bishops should preach about the smaller families that can manage, without handouts from us.

How many of these families go to church?

Let the church fund them.


New South Prom


WE have just included three local charities into our 2012 fundraising programme of events and are delighted to be organising a big event in 2012 for Aspired Futures, run from the community centre in Layton.

Our two other charities (and we are always looking for more) are Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde Cerebral Palsy and Streetlife Blackpool.

We urge people to support charities like Home Start and other local charities, which include Trinity Hospice, Brian House and Donna’s Dream House; charities run with a small staff, mostly volunteers and get little if any support from the local authority.

Organising events to raise vital funds is easy, with little or no input required from the charities.

Several charities based in the North West have large staff wages to pay, but still rely on volunteers to subsidise these, something we do not agree with.

Look where your money goes to before you donate.

We have the utmost respect for all charities whatever the cause, but let’s stick together on the Fylde coast and support our local charities, we know they do a tremendous job.



THE Gazette really is seen around the world.

After all the elapsed time since you published my Memory Lane article about Palatine School, called Memories of a Pally Ringworm, on September 19, I have just had an email from a Bernard Boden now living in Ashville, North Carolina, United States.

And I thought our post was slow in England! Thank you for highlighting my search.



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