Letters - November 26, 2013

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
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Better than Wembley

Great gig

I just wanted to say what a great article your Bob Dylan piece is (Gazette November 23).

I travelled up from London to stay in Fleetwood with my wife’s uncle, and was treated to one of the best Dylan shows I’ve been to (my seventh in total).

The venue was fantastic, far better sound quality than the 02 Arena or Wembley, and the atmosphere was electric thanks to the good people of Blackpool.

For me the highlight of the night was ‘Pay in Blood’, especially as this was my first opportunity to hear the songs from ‘Tempest’ (the latest Dylan album).

Steve Marshall

(by email)

I went to see the protest voice of a generation – Bob Dylan (first time) last Friday at the Opera House and it was a strange experience.

There was no guitar, no ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ , no ‘Times They Are A Changin’ ‘ no ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and barely no spoken word whatever from the great man.

I can honestly say I couldn’t understand a word he sang all night and he appeared on stage in a subdued semi darkness light.

There were far more men than women in the audience and it was strange queuing for the gents at the interval when the ladies had no problems.

I said to one guy who had seen him over 20 times that I was struggling to hear the words and his response was “you should hear him on a bad night”.

Having said that the atmosphere was electric and the audience were ecstatic , whistling and cheering his every move like he was some cult leader, maybe he is.

His backing band was fantastic , in particular the drummer who really drove the music along.

Did I enjoy it? In an odd way yes.

However I came home and played all his old stuff and felt a lot more contented.

David Riding

(by email)

Signs are vandalised


Pauline Alcock (Letters, November 22) is absolutely correct in her criticism of this council’s wastage of ‘our’ money, this time in constructing a very large sign in Anchorsholme Park proclaiming the fact that the whole park is now a smoke free zone.

Although a non-smoker and a supporter of ‘no smoking’ in shops and restaurants etc, I deplore this latest council diktat.

Smoking in an open air public space is not an offence whatever the council may think and those that smoke have a right so to do.

As there is no offence committed and therefore no possibility of a prosecution Ms Alcock’s letter proves what a complete waste of time and money this venture was.

To add insult to injury as they say, I visited the park on Sunday to look at the sign and it has been engraved with offensive graffiti including the ‘F’ word.

Now instead of breathing in the very very occasional puff of smoke, the children (and their parents and the rest of ‘us’ council tax payers) can now be visually offended by the graffiti.

Of course being immediately adjacent to the Irish Sea it is unlikely there will be any smoke able to hang around in the usual Force 10 storm conditions that prevail here.

Rather than admit they were wrong, instead of removing the sign the council will no doubt stubbornly replace it at even more expense to the council tax payers until it is undoubtedly defaced yet again and replaced ad infinitum.

Whatever source the money comes from for such signs and indeed other council wastefulness it is the public who pay it in the final analysis through higher income taxes, VAT and/or council tax.

Rod James


First to play Bloomfield

My brother

I am writing to say that I believe my brother Paul Naylor (nickname Mole) was probably in the first group to play at Bloomfield Road.

His band was called Street. He was later the lead singer in Stiff Richard.

It was in the summer of 1975. On the bill was Steeleye Span and Roy Harper.

I missed it because I had gone to Knebworth to watch Pink Floyd.

Pam Wood

Liverpool Road


Accident led to job loss

What next?

This is the first time I have ever put pen to paper but I am so annoyed I cannot sleep.

My daughter worked for a major delivery company albeit on a self employed basis.

She was doing her round when she was in a car crash (not her fault).

After weeks of doctors telling her not to work she finally gave in after pain killing injection.

Over the weekend, they kindly sacked her!

I now have a daughter who cannot walk, while her three-year -old son cannot understand why every time he tries to cuddle her she cries out in pain.

He spent ages picking out his first bike that he will or will not get.

I myself even went on her round with her last week she wanted that much to work. What happens next?

Lynne Clements

Princess Avenue