Letters - November 25, 2013

The "Green Market" on Victoria Road West, Cleveleys. Paul Maynard,  MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, makes a speech.
The "Green Market" on Victoria Road West, Cleveleys. Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, makes a speech.
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Market forces


I’m grateful to Mr Lewis for his observations on the saga of Poundland in Cleveleys.

Just to be clear, the disquiet that week arose over the speed with which the landlord sought to move the market traders out and the lack of warning.

I was there the first day I was back from Westminster after it happened.

No planning permission was needed to reopen as a Poundland, since it is the same ‘use class’ for the building,.

But permission was needed and sought for the change of signage, which is the application Mr Lewis refers to.

Of course, application for signage change is often done without any guarantee the business is changing imminently, and market traders rightly expected the landlord to give due notice.

I hope Mr Lewis continues to support Cleveleys town centre, and joins me in urging Wyre Council to continue seeking an alternative venue for the market.

It makes an odd change for an MP to be criticised for supporting the
local community.

Paul Maynard MP


Blackpool North & Cleveleys

Local housing needs

Fylde Council option

I refer to my earlier letter which related to my concerns as to the methodology used by Fylde councillors in arriving at their “preferred option document” and that this should be investigated at the highest level.
 Furthermore, recent revelations suggest that the councillors were either exceedingly incompetent with their assessment of local housing needs or their needs were deliberately inflated.
 I repeat, this remains very unsatisfactory and a response would be appreciated.

David Wells

Beech Avenue, Warton Market forces

European parliament

£86,000 a year

I was bemused to see North West UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall calling for performance related pay for European civil servants.

Mr Nuttall, who gladly takes an £86,000 a year salary from the institution he so passionately wants to abolish, has bothered to turn up to just 43 per cent of votes in the European Parliament.

And he does not attend any meetings of the committee he is elected to serve on.

Based on that shoddy performance Mr Nuttall owes hard pressed North West taxpayers £245,000 over the course of the current five year Parliament.

Perhaps he’d like to donate it to a local charity?

And when he does bother to vote perhaps he could stick up for the interests of the people of the North West.

A few days ago he voted AGAINST cutting the EU budget and AGAINST scrapping the Parliament’s monthly travelling circus to Strasburg which will cost EU taxpayers £900m over the next seven years.

Kevin Peel
Labour Movement for Europe


Big cheer for ian

Legion’s legend

I was delighted to read your very informative article on Ian Coleman, president of the Blackpool branch of the Royal British Legion.

I first met Ian and his wife Mavis some 30 years ago - when he was a comparatively young man.

He was always dedicated to a cause, energetic, enthusiastic, with a sense of humour to match.

He has worked so hard for the poppy appeal and has raised a vast amount of money over the years in his devoted service to the British Legion.

Now that he has returned from his role of president of the Blackpool branch of the Legion it will be a difficult task to fill his shoes.

So many organisations would die to have an Ian Coleman on their committee, but time waits for no man.

We all get older and at 74 I am sure we will all agree,
he deserves a well earned respite from the pressures and demands of such an onerous task.

I spent some time with Ian on armistice Sunday at the Town Hall this year on the Mayor’s parade.

It was wonderful to see the biggest turn out ever and Ian taking his place with pride and dignity.

Because of his many years of devotion, dedication, enthusiasm, and unfailing service to the branch it is to be hoped he will be nominated for a Queen’s Honour for work well done and a quarter of a century in supporting service men and women and their families.

Betty Crichton

Somerset Avenue


Improve Blackpool’s image

New bus station?

Many town centres need support since the influx of retail parks and online shopping – and independent shops and cafes can offer something unique. While I support the free car park, I’m a bigger supporter of public transport. The new trams could entice family shoppers into Blackpool with discounted fares in December. If we had a modern, purpose-built bus station, all business would benefit. Also, it would make sense, if funding could be found, to compulsorily purchase those tired old buildings on Talbot Road and Clifton Street and demolish them.

Stephen Pierre, Blackpool