Letters - November 20, 2014

Nothing changes Readers are angry over the developments associated with Blackpool Airport
Nothing changes Readers are angry over the developments associated with Blackpool Airport
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Blackpool airport

How can they have the same bosses?

It should have been great news on Tuesday for us locals and past users of Blackpool Airport but instead it was the complete opposite.

Just how can a company of the incompetence of Balfour Beatty once again be allowed to run and manage an airport it shut down a month ago?

Just how can a company run up debts of £34m then basically switch the lights off and put a for sale sign outside and in the process make everyone redundant and yet a month later simply start up again?

To add insult to injury they have even given the old boss his job back. Just how incompetent is that? Do they think he’s actually done a good job in failing so miserably and laying off more than 100 people?

It’s pretty clear already we can smell a rat here, Balfour Beatty simply wanted to wipe the slate clean with Jet2 and dissolve all existing contracts and start from new, but it sums them up as a company who clearly don’t put people first and not giving two hoots about people’s jobs – more than 100 in this case.

As a user of the airport for the last four years I have already made my mind up Blackpool Airport will no longer get my support because of 
Balfour Beatty and the way they have handled things.

In addition I would be more than surprised if Jet2 ever came back to be honest and having already seen Ryanair pull out because of the £10 passenger surcharge just who would chance it next, Fantasy Island Airways?

Finally, with a proper business plan and a proper management team in place I really do think Blackpool Airport could prove itself and actually start to make money if the owners reinvested in it. The last two years have shown a steady increase in passenger numbers so the owners must act on this positive news, sadly that will never happen under Balfour Beatty though.

Robert Boyce

Trinity Gardens


Airport ownership

Why not Stobart?

I think that Costain or others have missed a trick by allowing Blackpool Airport to close down.

Had no one approached the Eddie Stobart organisation, to see if the company would purchase and rejuvenate the airport the same as they did with Carlisle ?

It would make a good base for their operations and an addition to the current company portfolio of two airports.

Jim Walker.

via email

Airport offers

Jet2 empty promise

I read with interest the article by Tim Gavell in The Gazette, November 15.
 In it he states Jet2 has contacted former customers to offer them special deals.

My husband and I are due to fly to Tenerife from Blackpool and have now been re routed to Manchester.

Had we booked from Manchester we would have paid £100 less. Instead we now have to pay an extra £100 to get to Manchester Airport.

This means we are £200 out of pocket.

Our daughter and son-in-law are in the same position for a holiday to Lanzarote.

I sent an e-mail to Jet2 as soon as we were notified about the change of airport asking for some compensation, for the additional cost, but to date have had no reply. (Was I really expecting one?)

We have holidays booked with Jet2 for later in the year but have not been offered any money off. Is this yet another empty promise related to the closure of our airport?

Barbara Briggs


Anti-bullying week

Time to end bullying

National Anti-Bullying Week is taking place this week to raise awareness of harassment, discrimination and bullying and to look at ways in which they can be addressed. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s Stop Bullying For All’.

Equality is about treating all people while creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Equality is set in law under the Equality Act 2010.

Bullying is common, is preventable, gets under the skin, and is associated with other forms of aggression.

It is a workplace and community event and takes the workplace and community to deal with it.

Bullying and harassment is unwanted or threatening behaviour or misuse of power which causes distress.

In our working relationships, we should treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves and be fair and consistent.

Everyone has a personal and moral responsibility to create an environment which is free from harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Why not look at www.antibullyingweek.co.uk to find lots of valuable information.