Letters - November 18, 2014

PROM DELIGHT The installation of the impressive sculpture on the Promenade which has benefited from EU cash
PROM DELIGHT The installation of the impressive sculpture on the Promenade which has benefited from EU cash

Anti-european feeling

EU has aided resort

With negative opinion surrounding Europe, attention is turned to what good has been derived from the money that Europe distributes around member states.

In Blackpool it is easy to see where funds have transformed the Promenade. European funding has helped towards developing it into a modern community space with effective sea defences.

The new tramway, with funding towards purchase and refurbishment of Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens, demonstrates how much Europe has helped Blackpool from the Regeneration Development Fund.

Facts recently reported show that rather than draining the British economy, migrants are more likely to pay taxes and less likely to take benefits than Brits. Since 2000, immigrants from Europe contributed 34 per cent more in taxes than they received from the state.

Rather than bankrupting the welfare state, they are funding it, says the Centre for Research and Analysis. Other facts emerge about immigrants being well educated with 32 per cent having university degrees.

Some work in Blackpool to fill staffing shortages in Victoria hospital. They have a positive work ethic, impacting on local and public finances.

Start Up Lancashire is a programme supported financially from the European Regional Development Fund.

This programme, delivered by Regenerate Pennine Lancashire, a network of enterprise providers, includes Blackpool Council.

One Lancashire works with Network for Europe, to support and develop active inclusion for the residents of Lancashire.

Funds are provided as part of new European funding programmes, from 2014, to 2020.

The work forms part of Big Lottery Fund plans, matching funding within the new round of the European Social Fund.

Leaving Europe would be detrimental, meaning fewer skilled workers, higher taxes and a higher deficit. Blackpool business people know it; as they need skilled and unskilled workers who want to work, so leaving Europe is not a positive option.

Mr Roy Lewis


Remebrance controversy

Noise did not matter

How sad some people found the Remembrance service in St Annes not to their satisfaction due to life’s eventualities (Gazette, November 12, ‘Cataloge of errors at memorial service’).

Unfortunately,even with a back-up plan things can go wrong, as those who fought and died or fought and survived well know.

So we need a PA system and back-up plans to remember the fallen properly do we?

Whatever did we do before these were readily available?

Those of you who complained about the cafe extractor fan noise could have gone and asked if the fan could be turned off.

I’m afraid people who wrote these things need to go and sit in total silence and reflect on what they actually wrote, or maybe take a trip to a war zone and ask the people there what they would give for silence. Maybe ask if they have any back-up plans, too!

The thousands who fought and died and those who survived would have been grateful for silence.

As a young child I remember my grandfather who survived the First World War. Although horrifically injured, losing both his right arm and right leg he longed for the guns to fall silent.

I’m sure the sound engineers would have been extremely upset and frustrated at not being able to rectify the problem but most people took it all in the true spirit of respect.

Margaret Thackray

via e-mail

Remembrance upset

Rotary tree apology

The Rotary Club of Lytham are deeply upset at the consequence of the Christmas Tree in Lytham Memorial Gardens and apologise most sincerely for any distress caused. (Gazette Novemver 213, ‘Festive Tree display shows disrespect)

As a respected organisation, we would never intentionally wish to cause any disrespect.

Over many years now we have supplied two large Christmas trees, provided by a generous benefactor, as a focal point in Lytham for the enjoyment and benefit of the town community, and have always occupied the same positions.

We have also had close links with Lytham in Bloom and Jim Leak, working on, and sponsoring, various projects.

Both the poppy and the fir tree are symbols of hope and as we all hope peace will prevail with our display of the poppy, so too, the illumination of the fir tree wishes peace to all. We cannot change the calendar for these events.

Let’s remember and cherish those who have given their lives for us and celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, who also gave his life for us. “

It is therefore of great sadness to us that this situation has arisen and will speak to the various bodies concerned to try and resolve it in future.

Jeffrey Horsfield,

Chairman Public Relations