Letters - November 17, 2014

POPULAR SERVICE Phil Higgs with the number 22
POPULAR SERVICE Phil Higgs with the number 22
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Friendly drivers

Number 22

In response to a letter from Mr Kendall regarding our wonderful 22 bus service. He says it’s the worst in Blackpool ?

It’s a great bus to travel on. The drivers are well known for their friendliness and there are timetables on the buses.

Blackpool Transport buses don’t carry timetables on their buses, and it sounds like it’s Blackpool Transport’s or the council’s fault that the 22 timetable is not put at the bus stops.

The bus he was waiting for must have only been 10 minutes late, not 40. They run every half an hour.

He says they are 80 per cent empty? That’s not true either, I suppose it depends which section of the route he travels on, but I also catch the bus at the end of Watson Road and it gets very busy, especially through town towards Cleveleys.

Many people catch the 22 to Cleveleys instead of the Blackpool Transport number 9 as the 9 is often late or three turn up at once!

Last week I caught the new number 6 from town to Layton, operated by the same company as the 22, it was great.

On time and the same great service from the drivers that we get on the 22.

Mrs M. Smithson

Loftos Avenue

South Shore

The 22 is not the worst bus service in Blackpool as Mr Kendall states, in my opinion it’s the best.

The drivers are lovely, they greet us all with a smile and friendly banter, and make ‘old folks’ like me with a NOW card bus pass feel as valued as a fare paying passenger.

We know a lot of the drivers by name, Gareth, Roger and the lovely Charlie. They even help people on with their shopping and trolleys !

During the children’s half term, all bus services in Blackpool were running late as the town was very busy with traffic and visitors.

I have a printed timetable that I picked up on the 22 bus, along with a leaflet about their lovely days out for regular passengers, of which I have been on several.

Blackpool Transport buses never carry any printed timetables, you have to get them from the Market Street office.

Finally, maybe the new lady boss at Blackpool Transport should travel on the 22 to see how bus drivers can be polite and treat customers well.

Keep up the good work 22 bus, we love you and thanks for being so nice !

Mrs I. Roberts

Ambleside Road


Mental health


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the World Mental Health Day event at Parkwood, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Mental Health Inpatient Unit in Blackpool; what a success it was.

Together we raised awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues by providing our local community with information of services that can provide support to those who may experience mental ill health and their families.

As part of the celebrations, a service user made a cake which was raffled and the money raised will be used to purchase more equipment.

Carers Trust Fylde Coast Carers Centre and Parkwood’s Restart and Recovery team manager Susanne Currey have worked in partnership for a long period of time to ensure families are aware there is support for them as well as their loved ones.

If you would like further information please contact Vicky Robinson on (01253) 393748.

We also held a Britain’s Best Breakfast even on October 17at Parkwood Hospital.

Some of the team at Carers Trust Fylde Coast Carers Centre and Parkwood’s Restart and Recovery Department got together and cooked breakfast to raise money for carers in their local area.

Together we raised a total of £104.30 over the two events.

Vicky Robinson

Family Support Worker

Carers Trust Fylde Coast 
Carers Centre

Concessionary fares

Get on board

I noted with interest Lancashire County Council’s decision to invest £160,000 in examining the case for extending the tram network into south Fylde.

While such an idea undoubtedly merits exploration, I am sure residents of Wyre who lost their tram concessions will note that £160,000 exceeds the amount it would cost for the county council to restore those tram concessions to Wyre pensioners.

Many people continue to ask when we may see a resolution of the issue.

I continue to make the point that responsibility for operating the discretionary aspects of the concessionary fare scheme rests with the county council.

Together with Blackpool, they operate as Transport for Lancashire.

The Conservatives have recently announced plans for greater transport devolution to the north, and I would continue to urge Transport for Lancashire to pre-empt this by agreeing to a Common Travel Area such as we already see in Greater Manchester and Merseyside, and end this arbitrary division of the Fylde Coast.

Paul Maynard

MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys