Letters - Monday, October 15, 2012

Dog walker
Dog walker

WE READ with interest the latest proposals regarding the rules that dog owners may only be able to walk their dogs on leads in the local parks (Gazette October 4).

My husband and I are involved with the friends group at Highfield Road Park, as such we know a lot of the dog walkers who regularly use the park, the majority of who are responsible owners who regularly clear up after their dogs and at times put their dogs on leads within the park if and when they feel it is necessary.

However, we also realise some dogs need the freedom to run and play with balls on the park and so long as they are with a responsible owner, as a group we do not have a problem with this.

In fact it is these very dog walkers who are the eyes and ears of our park.

These are the people who look out for any unusual behaviour or report problems to us on the park, therefore we would be sorry to see this responsible group of dog walkers leave our park and walk elsewhere if they felt it necessary.

As some of your readers will know Highfield Road Park has its fair share of the dog owners who do not act responsibly, but we feel this is a minority group who need educating and they would probably disregard any local restrictions unless they were fined heavily anyway.


Chairman & Secretary of the Friends of Highfield 
Road Park.

I WOULD like to assure readers that BT takes any issues affecting 999 services extremely seriously, which is why I was concerned to read of an issue that occurred last Monday.

The article implied people in and around Blackpool would have had problems dialling 999 over a three-hour period.

In fact the equipment fault was corrected by engineers within less than 90 minutes and only affected some customers in the North Shore area.

The rest of the Blackpool area, and mobile 999 services throughout the area, were unaffected.

I’m glad to say these kinds of incidents are extremely rare, but when they do occur, they are always given the highest priority, and as you’d expect we always contact the relevant local emergency services so they can make additional patrol vehicles available or take any other action they consider appropriate.


BT’s UK 999 manager.

DO we want a Mayor for Fleetwood? (Gazette October 1)

No, we already have a mayor and deputy for the whole of Wyre who are quite able to officiate at important events.

With reference that it would be cost-free should such a person be elected, I’m sure Coun Alan Marsh knows as well as I do that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

I accept the old chain of office is still available, but do we really expect the mayor to travel on the bus to events?

I think not.

The next on the agenda would be to allow expenses for travel and hospitality and so on.


Westfield Avenue,