Letters - May 8, 2013

ADVERSE CONDITIONS: Talbot Road in Blackpool ... pointing out problems may spark change says reader S Duke
ADVERSE CONDITIONS: Talbot Road in Blackpool ... pointing out problems may spark change says reader S Duke
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View from north station

Is it a dump?

I must congratulate Coun Paul Galley for pointing out the state of Talbot Road linking the town hall to the North railway station.

Recently, my husband and I caught the train from Poulton to the North
 railway station and walked into Blackpool and I 
said the exact same

Leaving the station and joining Talbot Road meant walking down a narrow walkway and the first sight to greet us was a young woman sitting cross 
legged on the path begging for money. 
We avoided walking over her and made our way to the junction of Topping Street.

Outside the club on the corner, the street was covered with cigarette ends and litter. 
It was only 6 0 clock so presumably this mess had been there since the previous night.

We continued to walk down Birley Street, to be greeted by three people having a very loud, 
aggressive argument with the usual choice of 
dreadful language, while customers in the local pub attempted to have a peaceful drink in the evening sunshine.

Making others aware of the look and state of Blackpool in certain areas is not ‘rude’ as stated by Coun Riding; it is not disrespectful to the local traders, as they have our utmost respect for 
continuing to trade in such 
adverse conditions.

It is only by pointing out these things that something may be done to improve 
matters. Anyone who 
denies the state of the streets 
obviously never walks 
around Blackpool centre.

Mrs S Duke,

Blackpool Old Road,


I would like to add my voice to that of Coun Galley and suggest that what he said in his “What a dump!” tweet regarding the Talbot Road area is only what a lot of people are thinking.

It is about time town hall chiefs and those in charge of the council started facing reality, instead of burying their heads in the sand, and accept that actually this area and others in the 
town need a radical clean up and fresh positive 

They would garner much respect as a result.

If we want to encourage more huge investment, an example being the 
Mama Mia! 10-week season, we need to ensure the town is able to 
accommodate and cater 
for these events in a positive, clean and safe
 environment again.

David Slattery-Christy

Whitegate Drive



Chance to view local icons at close quarters

National Mills Weekend, designated by the Mills Section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, takes place this weekend Saturday and Sunday May 11 and 

Wind and water mills across the country will be opening their doors to welcome visitors and give them a glimpse into the 
development of the historical process which 
made corn seeds

Here on the Fylde the three windmills open to the public will be Marsh Mill Thornton, Little Marton Blackpool and 

Each one distinctively different from the others.

To the north, in Cumbria, a selection of seven watermills, many grinding, will be proud to share this process with you.

To the south, in Cheshire, another seven will give you an insight into the milling of 

Of these 14, quite a number have cafés serving tasty food using stone-ground wholemeal flour.

Further details can be found on the SPAB Mills Section website following the links to 
National Mills Weekend 2013.

Margaret Croker

North West Mills Group membership secretary

Grange Road


Blackpool’s smallest pub

Is it the Mitre or not?

The Mitre, now on a list of worthy buildings, is a smashing little pub but I think landlady Kerry Haddock is wrong in saying the West Street watering hole is Blackpool’s smallest pub . Surely that distinction goes to The Victoria, for some reason also known as Whittle Springs, on Talbot Road near the junction with Abingdon Street? Whichever one it turns out to be, the answer would make a great tie breaker in any local pub quiz.

Eddie Chattwood


Animal charity support

RSPCA says thanks

Thank you everyone who gave so generously to our collection of £445.09 at Tesco Metro, Cleveleys, April 29 to May 2, during National RSPCA Week. Also my gratitude goes to the Fylde branch volunteers for a successful event.

Mrs M Bijsterbosch

RSPCA Fylde branch