Letters - May 27, 2011

generic pic'Police on rural beat' / policeman on the beat / beat bobby / on foot
generic pic'Police on rural beat' / policeman on the beat / beat bobby / on foot
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ON the front page of the Gazette (May 25), the police, speaking through their trade union, tell us that government cuts should be borne by everyone else, but not by them.

They warn of dramatic variations to police response times if cuts are implemented.

On April 18, I reported a serious incident of anti-social behaviour to Blackpool Police. After five weeks of silence, also on May 25, I received a letter to say the police hope that the incident was dealt with properly and that officers had kept me informed of developments.

I wrote back to say the letter was the first and only contact by the police.

Popping out to post it, I called at the local bakers, Taylor’s of Anchorsholme.

Outside was parked a huge police riot van of the type we see on TV being used for kettling in London.

The shop was filled by five policemen and women who took 25 minutes ordering sandwiches, pies, and cakes.

If they had to do their shopping in their own time like the rest of us, perhaps that, in itself, would reduce current response times from five weeks down to a month or so.


Kirton Place


Good news, no great loss to the summer season – maybe we will get something better now. Be hard pushed to find something worse.


Barrymore is a highly talented man who is hounded by the media – they will never allow him to return to the place he rightly deserves.

Steve James

Always knew when this was announced that it was bad move, and very doubtful that this dubious star would ever get back into the limelight after his past record.

It’s a tragic shame that one so talented and at the time well liked by the public should fall from grace in this way, but this was is and always will be totally unacceptable to the public throughout this country.

Sadly, Michael Barrymore should by now have seen the light and got himself a milk round somewhere and accept the simple facts that – he’s finished in show business.


Never been a Barrymore fan. My gran used to like him, but it always looked like he had absolute contempt for the ordinary folk on his show, rather than just pulling their leg, and I find that really uncomfortable to watch.

Strangely I remember when he had Susan Boyle on, and she behaved kind of dippy and daft, but had a really good voice.

He behaved like she was fit for nothing, and I didn’t like that either.

I’m glad history has proved him wrong and perseverance and dedication have got her the rewards she deserves.


Chuckle Brothers? So that’s what Holloway and Oyston will be up to during the close season!


What an absolute shame. I was actually looking forward to his show. Chuckle Brothers instead – no thanks.