Letters - May 25, 2011

Peter Callow, leader of Blackpool Council
Peter Callow, leader of Blackpool Council
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AS a Conservative party supporter for more than 50 years I was obviously distraught, but not altogether surprised, when we lost control of Blackpool Council.

As Richard Hook so rightly stated (Letters May 17), the Blackpool public where utterly fed up with the Promenade roadworks. They used their right at the ballot box, but what of the Tory group on the council?

They could not get rid of Coun Peter Callow as their leader quickly enough – what short memories they have. When he took the leadership some 10 or 12 years ago, the Tory group on the town council were going nowhere, but with astute leadership, political experience and the support of his wife Coun Maxine Callow, he slowly began to turn his group into winners with victory in 2007.

It was during the four years 2007-2011 the bulk of the Promenade and regeneration work took place, but I cannot recall any councillor denouncing these works or saying perhaps it was a little too much too quickly. No, they supported Peter Callow in the council chamber.

Cast your mind back to the 1970s when the late Coun R. C. Dewhirst was deposed as leader when the Conservatives had a large majority – that was the start of a downward spiral for the Tories which resulted in 20 years in opposition.

I hope time proves me wrong, but I believe a monumental mistake has been made with the change of leadership within the Tory group.

To Peter and Maxine I say have a good holiday, recharge your batteries and come back fighting. Blackpool cannot afford to lose your political and local expertise and your love of our town.


Bispham Road


I REFER to the article ‘Golden Venue Getting Facelift’ (Gazette May 19) and Crown Leisure claiming their investment in the property.

And not before time either. It’s been a mess for a few years now and the cascading light arches were never repaired after an electrical fault put them out of action.

There is only one reason why it’s having a facelift, and that’s due to the rest of the promenade venues about to leave them way behind. Their ‘investing’ is more of ‘we’d better get cracking’ and it’s only because of all the Promenade refurbishments that have kicked them into action.

Thankfully it will once again become a part of the major attractions with its eye-catching Las Vegas style shimmering lights along that stretch and retain that Golden Mile tradition unique to Blackpool.


Ashton Road


IN April, The Gazette kindly did an article on me being Rose Queen at Holy Trinity Church, South Shore, and fund-raising for two charities, The Brain Tumour Trust and Trinity Hospice in memory of my dad, and the fact that I was organising a show called Razzmatazz.

I would just like to thank The Gazette and everyone who read that article and either sent me a donation or came and saw the show. The show was fabulous and we raised the amazing amount of £1,020, which also means I have broken the £5,000 target which I set myself. I am now aiming to make it £6,000 before I retire in June.

So again thank you.


Holy Trinity

Rose Queen