Letters - May 24, 2011

Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison
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HOW out of touch can my MP be?

His remarks in Michael Morrison’s article (Gazette May 16) ‘Living Below The Breadline’ are so meaningless in the context of the needs of so many Blackpool families.

Paul Maynard says: “increase income, widen employment opportunities and ensure the most vulnerable are protected.”

The Institute of Fiscal Studies in its report Poverty and Inequality in the UK: 2011, published last week, estimates another 300,000 children will be pushed into poverty by government policies.

Unemployment will cause most poverty, but benefits cuts impacting on the same families over and over again, coupled with inflation at five per cent, child tax credit cuts and child benefit frozen, will add to it.

Iain Duncan Smith’s ideas for his universal credit will cut childcare credits by 20 per cent in calculations for the Children’s Society, forcing more mothers out to work.

The education maintenance allowance cuts cost families of our teenagers £30 a week.

We need much more government intervention with big time public investment if Blackpool people are to escape being among the poorest in the country.


Maitland Avenue