Letters - May 21, 2012

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WHEN is Lytham’s beautiful Green going to get a proper pathway?

The walk along the estuary is ruined by different patches of crumbling tarmacadam all the way along it.

It’s supposed to be part of the Lancashire cycle path network, but it’s not nice to pedal, or walk, along in its present state.

There’s obviously a pot of money been found to spruce areas up before the arrival of The Open golf, so it would be nice to see this sadly neglected area improved.

Surely one big spend on fixing the whole route in one go would be cheaper than trying to fix it in the piecemeal manner that has been done before.


Westby Street


THE management and volunteers of Supporting Our Brave, a Community Interest Company, looking after the well-being of HM Armed Forces, their families and veteran community, would like to thank the generous people and businesses who donated to us in the memory of the late councillor Jim Houldsworth.

A total of £445 was raised in his memory.

Our grateful thanks to all who donated, and they can be assured we will continue the legacy of ensuring Blackpool retains its position as the UK’s leading venue for veterans and their reunions.

Supporting Our Brave

Unit 7 Bank Hey Street


WHAT on earth is going on at Blackpool Council?

We’ve got senior officers made redundant to save wages and junior officers promoted to do jobs at a much higher level than they’ve ever done before.

Surely the problems the officers have stepping up such a long way in one go will cause no end of trouble, cost a fortune, and leave Blackpool Council in the hands of far less-experienced people.

As good as the new top dogs may be – and I believe some are very good – there’s nothing like experience.


IN response to the anonymous writer (Gazette Letters, May 17) who says soldiers should not be given lenient sentences because of their service, I would agree to a certain degree.

Those in and out of court for violent crimes, drug-related crimes et cetera, should be punished.

In a way, the fact they have been given discipline by the army should count further against them for their lapses.

But there is a message here that the author didn’t touch upon – the lack of help and guidance some of these former soldiers get when they leave the forces.

Many are left bewildered, in a world with pretty much no discipline, no help, and no skills to put towards another career. They have been abandoned by the Government and need as much help as possible to find a direction in life.

That would negate any frustrations, and hopefully any unneccessary criminal lapses.

We give thanks to all those service personnel who put more on the line for this country for anyone else, but should we turn a blind eye to criminal acts because of it? It’s a tricky balance to find.


Blackpool Old Road


LANDLORDS have rights too!

Now the selective licence scheme for landlords is under way, the time is right to mention that it probably constitutes the most negative scheme any council has introduced in my experience and should be revoked.

Not only does it penalise landlords for a problem of the whole community, it also has no regard for landlords’ civil rights.

If as a landlord, or if you have any business property in the first designated area of South Shore or anywhere in Blackpool, and you feel aggrieved by the licence scheme, then contact landlordshaverights too@yahoo.co.uk to receive more information by return.


via email

WHY are there so few people using the climbing walls on Seasiders Way?

Since they were installed by Blackpool Council, they appear to be nothing more than monolithic structures left there to do nothing more than highlight how much money they cost.

I read the other day of a portable climbing wall being taken around Blackpool schools; why on earth is Blackpool Council not arranging school visits to these great climbing walls they have built?

Wouldn’t that make more sense?


Red Bank Road