Letters - May 16, 2011

Work on Blackpool Promenade
Work on Blackpool Promenade
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I JUST can’t get my head round how whoever was/is in charge of the major promenade developments, and in particular the Tower Headland, could even consider closing the promenade in parts, either temporarily or permanently.

Plans to block the promenade in front of the Tower Headland are ridiculous.

How are people wanting to use the new Register Office and Wedding Chapel to get there, if they are unable to drive up to the door?

Is the number one bus not going to drive the length of the promenade in the future? I hope the answer is that I have misunderstood what I have heard and read.

I can understand single lane traffic in front of the Tower Headland, but if that were to be the case, why couldn’t they have introduced single lane traffic now, so traffic could continue to use the promenade?

Our new, Labour-led council should immediately look at the plans and, if necessary change them, to allow the promenade outside the Tower to be easily accessible to traffic.

I am no longer a driver, but I do see the necessity for local people, as well as visitors, to be able to drive along the full length of Blackpool Promenade.

If this had all been fully thought out, and I would suggest for such huge projects, we should have a committee, including local residents, to be allowed to have a voice in such projects, and not just town planners, then there would have been a lot more common sense.

Helen Melrose

Annesley Avenue


THE sum of £1,400 would pay a council youth worker for a couple of weeks, or keep an entire scout troop accommodated for a year.

With all respect to youth workers, which is better value for money? (Answers on a postcard to the Town Hall)

Richard Hook

Devonshire Road


I RECENTLY made my fourth trip to Blackpool. I was attending a church conference at the Norbreck Castle Hotel.

As on previous occasions, I found the “locals” very friendly, courteous and helpful. This time, there was brilliant sunshine for the whole five days.

Golden Mile is surely northern overstatement; inconvenience caused by the major building works.

However, whereas many towns (including seaside resorts) scrapped trams and trolleybuses decades ago, you sensibly retained yours, and are now enhancing this quiet, environmentally-friendly transport system. Well done!

I visited the Winter Gardens and was amazed by the restoration. The town centre is becoming quite attractive. I intend to return and see the finished results, including, of course, the Tower.

You can certainly be proud of your town. It was good to see Michael Portillo (who was at my Grammar School) speaking warmly about Blackpool in his TV series concerning great railway journeys.


South Harrow


AS one of the hundreds of people who pass St Mary’s College on a regular basis, it is a pleasure to view this fine landmark, which is part of Blackpool’s heritage.

It is sad and shocking to know that some of its buildings will be demolished, among them some fine Victorian ones. We should care more about our local history and preserve these wonderful buildings for future generations.

Why aren’t our councillors protecting what little heritage we have?


Coronation Road

Thornton Cleveleys