Letters - May 15, 2012

Southend gasometer - The salt caverns under Wyre could hold the same as 18,000 of these gasometers, according to Protect Wyre
Southend gasometer - The salt caverns under Wyre could hold the same as 18,000 of these gasometers, according to Protect Wyre
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THE Protect Wyre Group is not opposed to underground gas storage in principle, as long as it doesn’t pose any risk or threat to those living in and around the area.

We firmly believe that it is for Halite Energy to undertake sufficient exploratory work to be able to assure the planners and the public that there is no risk of accidental migration of gas from their proposed scheme either by mechanical, software or human error or failure.

In our opinion, Halite Energy has failed to do this.

The latest campaign to ask the public to make their voices heard has shown that the majority of residents are unaware of just how big 900 million cubic metres of gas, is which is why we have used the illustration of the gasometer on our leaflets and website.

That figure roughly equates to 18,000 huge gasometers, similar to the one regularly seen on TV at the Oval Cricket Ground.

PWG has for years raised questions about the possibility of gas accidentally migrating into the sandstone layer beneath Fleetwood. This could require the entire Fleetwood Peninsula to be evacuated. It could also allow gas to enter the Fylde Coast Sewage Tunnel, which runs from the Fleetwood Treatment Works down into the centre of Blackpool.

Natural gas itself doesn’t ignite but it becomes an explosive mixture when 5 to 15 per cent is mixed with air, thus if an escape were to happen, as the gas mixed with the air in the tunnel, it would become more and more explosive as it moved along the tunnel towards Blackpool, escaping into the Cleveleys and North Shore sewer systems as it went along.

If any Gazette readers wish to express their concern about this scheme they can find out more at www.pwgroup.org.uk.

Every objection counts, but please do it today.

Ian Mulroy

Chairman, Protect Wyre Group

I WAS amazed but not surprised by the reader who thought that Booths store was expensive; this is a common fallacy.

As a pensioner I find this is the opposite, having just completed my weekend shopping in Booths, and purchasing a Warburton’s loaf of bread 23 pence cheaper than the Co-op over the road.

I find that Booths is very competitive, and most basic food items are very often cheaper than the Co-op. Admittedly they do stock some more expensive quality foods for those that require such items, but you only get what you pay for.

The fresh produce in the store is, wherever possible, sourced locally (ie Lancashire), and is of very good quality and reasonably priced.

The last thing that we want in Poulton is an Asda, we have enough empty shops in Poulton without having an Asda store selling all manner of goods, and undercutting local family shops.

George Edwards

Bolton Avenue


THE British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the nation’s heart charity. We have been seeking support from your readers throughout the spring to join our hearty volunteer network in the area.

Your readers have been putting their hearts into volunteering in our local BHF shops, on the street raising money at collections and by organising events in the community.

We just couldn’t do our vital work without their support and that is why I am writing to thank them.

The BHF is dedicated to fighting heart and circulatory disease, and supporting families affected with this debilitating disease.

We always look for new volunteers, and we hope that more of your readers will feel inspired to join our life-saving charity.

We truly value the time you have to give, and you can volunteer in whatever way you like.

Chrish Perera

East Midlands and North of England head of volunteer fundraising

British Heart Foundation