Letters - May 13, 2013

The floral hall at the Winter Gardens after its restoration
The floral hall at the Winter Gardens after its restoration
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Winter Gardens

Proud of venue

After taking a group of tourists around the Winter Gardens ,I was impressed that they were shocked at how much heritage has been uncovered.

They were also amazed at the work that has been done in the Winter 

Before the tour they were apprehensive about 
heritage in Blackpool.

They had preconceived ideas based on the images of candy floss, stags and hens and amusements 
attached to our town.

But when they sat in the Empress Ballroom and the Spanish Suite and experienced the numerous behind the scene eye openers these tours provide, I was so proud of my town.

“This is truly magnificent, so much culture and heritage in here, and be sure we will be taking this image back to our towns,” said two of the crowd.

We have to promote and blow our trumpet about the iconic buildings we still do have, as this is bringing in a different type of audience, and they all ate in the Empress Grill.

Shirley Matthews

Accredited Heritage Tourist Guide for


Asbestos deaths

Safety at work

David Sharman’s article (Gazette May 9) ‘Time Bombs of Fatal Asbestos’ along with the coroner’s comments on two local workers that have died, is sad news.

The Queen’s Speech last week announced a new Bill watering down compensation for people poisoned by asbestos.

The new scheme denies compensation to many victims and cuts compensation to those who qualify.

Between 4,000 and 10,000 workers die a year from 
asbestos-related illnesses.

There are 1,400 people killed every year from work related incidents, and over 80 per cent of workplace deaths and injuries are due to failure to manage health and safety properly.

In light of this , we could ask why the number of health inspectors have been cut to dangerous levels,leading to a reduced incidence of safety inspections.

The Government must be told that the price of undermining existing health and safety legislation is too high.

If employers try to block the activity of safety representatives, they must be exposed.

Nobody goes to work to die.

Royston Jones

Beryl Avenue


Animal welfare

Food for pets

On behalf of the RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancashire, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the RSPCA week at Tesco which raised a grand total of £1,134.37.

This money will be spent directly on improving local animal welfare.

We were also given two trolley loads of food purchased in-store and 
donated to us.

This helps us to reduce our food bills at the animal centre.

Our thanks go also to the many volunteers who stood with cans collecting throughout the five days and to the staff of Tesco who were so courteous and helpful.

Ann M Turner

Honorary Secretary

RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancashire

Smoking signs

Waste of money

We all know the overbearing no-smoking signs should never have been erected in Blackpool’s parks. The newly designed signs which have recently been granted planning permission(Gazette, May 6), are at least more moderate, but they are still totally 

People should use their common sense.

Why waste money on this project when it cannot be enforced?

Also, when will the council remove the three insulting 
and commanding signs at the park alongside the 

It is only a small park and it does not need three giant signs ordering people what to do.

C Victor De-Nagy

Gill Court


Italian market

Set for tasty treat

I read with interest the news an Italian market is set to be held in Poulton this summer (Gazette, May 10).

This sounds fantastic and is a great idea in terms of bringing people to the town.

It’s great to see something a bit different too.

And what could be better than stalls selling delicious Italian fare such as pizzas, fancy breads, olives and let’s hope ice-cream is on the menu as well!

Whenever I have been to Italy, the food has been one of the best parts of the trip.

So if what is offered at this market even comes close to what is served up in the likes of Rome, Florence and Milan, this should be absolutely fabulous.

C. Bolton

South Shore

Lifeboat fundraising

Shoppers donations

On behalf of the Friends of Blackpool Lifeboat Station, we would like to say a big thank you to management, staff and customers at the Aldi store on Waterloo Road for a recent collection in the store.

The amount raised was £231.09.

Christine Parry


Friends of Blackpool Lifeboat Station