Letters - March 7, 2012

JOBS PLUS PIC'Generic shot of social care worker to illustrate story / oap / elderly / carer / care home
JOBS PLUS PIC'Generic shot of social care worker to illustrate story / oap / elderly / carer / care home
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FEW will deny the value of unannounced inspections of care homes in trying to ensure elderly residents are treated with dignity and respect (We Welcome Focus on Care, Gazette February 29).

But the public interest must be in the raising of training standards so care teams can recognise at an early stage the medical needs of those in their charge.

I still find it odd that it was my wife, rather than the care home, who noticed my old mum was suffering from gangrene.

Every day she was dressed and undressed by care workers but none of them noticed the distinctive odour.

When she was then admitted in panic to hospital, it was too late to do much for her.

Care workers are generally on the lowest rung in wages and have the simplest of medical knowledge.

We cannot manage the best of care for the old without our collective willingness to properly resource the function we blithely pass to others on our behalf.

I do hope this is an area which the Care Quality Commission will increasingly demand be within their remit.


Westcliffe Drive, Layton

I AM writing with regard to the matter of the amount of dog fouling that litters the streets of the Claremont area.

People should be asked to provide proof of means to clear up their dog’s mess.

Those who always clear up after their dog will not be offended.

Those who cannot provide evidence of a means to clean up after their dog, should be given an on-the-spot fine.


Clevedone Road


OUR son came to Blackpool with a group of friends on February 18.

Unfortunately a lot of alcohol was consumed and he ended up alone in the centre of town in the early hours of the morning.

He was apparently shaking with cold and too drunk to fend for himself when a kind gent chaperoned him to a local b&b.

This gent even called at the b&b the next morning to check on him. Being extremely embarrassed, our son didn’t ask for any further details, just thanked him for his help.

We are so grateful to this true gentleman for his help, and realise that the evening could have ended very differently if wasn’t for his assistance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his help on that extremely cold night.