Letters - March 29, 2012

View of Woodlands Road in Ansdell.
View of Woodlands Road in Ansdell.
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AS one of the elderly, disabled, residents of Fylde who has suffered untold indignities because of the lack of funding for a disabled facilities grant, I feel I can comment on how councillors spend residents’ money on “tarting up” Ansdell.

In 2010 it became impossible for me to step into the bath to enable me to shower.

I applied for a disabled facilities grant to remove the bath and replace it with a shower cubicle. I was told it would be two years before I would be able to obtain the grant.

Granting £200,000 to give Ansdell a facelift at the expense of helping vulnerable residents is an outrage.

As an ex-councillor I know much of what is being planned should be provided by Lancashire County Council.

The councillors who voted for this should feel deep shame at their profligacy.

The grant is means-tested so only the needy are eligible.

Government cuts have created difficulties for all councils, but Fylde must not make the disabled suffer at the expense of a questionably necessary scheme.


Mains Lane

Little Singleton

ON Saturday I went to see a charity performance at Poulton Methodist Church, which included dancers, singers, acrobats, tap dancers, and excerpts from musicals and comedy.

The children from The Dance Place and Scream Theatre School were exceptional, and the excerpts from Blood Brothers and Les Miserables, were simply stunning.

A real quality show. Very well done to all the performers and of course the organisers.


Highcross Road


THE reality is that the introduction of the 20mph limit on Church Road, Warton, a busy commuter route, has had zero effect on the very drivers about whom your correspondent Kathy Taylor (Letters March 26) complains.

Those that routinely drove at more than 40mph when the 30mph limit was in place continue to do so. The same will be the case in Wrea Green.

After all, why would a simple change of signs have any bearing on the speeds these people drive at?

I would suggest that 30mph is perfectly safe in modern vehicles and should be restored with appropriate enforcement to deal with those who will ignore any limit.

This will save considerably more taxpayers’ money than might be generated by a speed camera. The latest figure I have seen for implementing this ill- conceived scheme is £9.2m.

So prepare to be disappointed, and beware of the additional overtaking and grief.