Letters - March 27, 2014

Project 30 roadworks on Daggers Hall Lane
Project 30 roadworks on Daggers Hall Lane
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Patchwork pavements

Project 30

A neighbour of mine was informed by a council worker that the reason our pavements are now resembling a patchwork design is that money from Project 30 had to be spent by the end of the financial year.

This is nonsense. Project 30 money was obtained by the previous Conservative administration to primarily repair our roads which were full of potholes.

Also to fully repair some of the worst paving areas which were causing accidents.

There is no time limit as to when this money should be spent.

While a great many roads have been repaired, there are even more which haven’t been touched 

If Blackpool residents had been given the opportunity to choose how this important funding should have been spent, I feel the majority would have opted for pothole repairs rather than the ugly, hotchpotch 
pavement repairs so many of us now have outside our front doors which look 
totally ludicrous.

I note too that while working on the pavements on Lakeway, that none of the asphalt has been used to fill the large potholes on the 

Finally it would be interesting to know how the council prioritised which pavements to ‘repair’.

I note currently a busy street like Onslow Road with high footfall doesn’t appear to 
require attention.

Sue Ridyard



School should come first


In 1954 Arnold High School for Girls, which is now Bispham High School, was opened by the Princess Royal.

It cost £160,000. Miss Moore was the headmistress who took the school from South Shore to Bispham.

After five years she retired and Miss Davies replaced her.

I started at the school in1962. Miss Davies was an excellent headmistress and didn’t stand for any nonsense.

I can’t think what Miss Moore and Miss Davies would have thought about what is happening at the moment there.

Young people today don’t seem to understand that it should be school first and foremost, that gives them everything they need for their future.

I went to Arnold High School and would like to thank the teachers (very very strict) but why not.

They made me the person that I am today.

Name and address 

‘Bonkers’ tram decision

Rethink it

As an ex-Fylde coast resident and regular visitor to the area, I must comment on the decision by Blackpool Council to withdraw concessions to pensioners from outside the Blackpool area from using the trams.

What a completely short- sighted decision to make.

While I appreciate in the current economic climate savings have to be made, this decision is nothing short of bonkers.

Tram journeys are scheduled and it costs just as much to run a tram empty as full.

Pensioners from Fleetwood and Cleveleys will simply opt for travel on the Number 1 bus which follows the route of the tram and which is free.

However, those who are unable to travel by bus will no doubt think twice about visiting the area by tram as the cost will eat into their meagre pensions.

This ridiculous decision is going to seriously damage the economies of all concerned in Fleetwood, Cleveleys and Blackpool.

Pensioners visiting Blackpool will seriously reconsider their options about visiting Fleetwood Market, Freeport and Cleveleys and vice versa.

I think that decision conclusively proves the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum.

N. Wright


Charity spring clear out


I am writing to thank readers for the support shown so far for North West British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops Spring Clear Out campaign.

To mark the official start of spring, BHF shops recreated Van Gogh’s iconic tulips image from donated stock to encourage locals to think about having a clear out.

Using a quarter of a tonne of donated items, the creation measured 20m x 20m and included everything from clothes, shoes and books to toasters.

North West BHF shops are encouraging people to de-clutter their home and donate all their unwanted things using its free collection service.

Whether you’ve got a few bags of clothes or a full three piece suite, BHF shops will pick up everything for free.

From defibrillators to heart support groups, your donated items will help raise vital funds to fight heart disease in the North West.

For larger furniture and electrical items, book online at: bhf.org.uk/free or call 0800 915 3000 to arrange a collection for any items, from unwanted books, shoes and CDs to sofas and TVs.

Every penny of profit raised from your unwanted items will help the BHF continue its fight to fund life-saving research.

Lisa Clark

Area Manager for BHF shops