Letters - March 17, 2014

TRAM CONTROVERSY On reader suggests offering cut price tickets for OAPs
TRAM CONTROVERSY On reader suggests offering cut price tickets for OAPs
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Tram ticket issue

Cut prices

The free travel scheme is a problem for transport operators nationally.

In terms of affordability and practicality it is going to be very difficult for local authorities to subsidise the OAP free travel in the long term with ongoing government cuts to councils.

The free travel scheme was never intended to include light rail operations. Blackpool Transport Services Ltd is a council owned transport undertaking which operates both trams and buses.

There are very few of these municipal run undertakings left in the UK. Blackpool is in a unique and disadvantaged position with the free travel scheme.

Blackpool inherits a lot of other towns’ free travel passengers , which in reality is funded by the local rate payers.

A much fairer and better way forward would be for the whole of the country to have a national over 65’s flat fare of about 30p.

This would seriously make a massive contribution to public transport investment, secure jobs, and services for passengers of all ages to benefit from.

A good question, how many over 65’s would travel on a tram or bus along Blackpool promenade if both services were only 30p?

My research suggests the popularity of choosing the tram service would far outweigh the Number 1 bus route.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


Alternative punk show

Rock appeal

I am currently trying to bring Vicky Fuzzbox’s new band to Blackpool and Cathy Dennis.

Would any of your readers know any promoters who are willing to help ?

I was trying to fund it through kickstarter, but also I was thinking of having an alternative Blackpool punk festival

Apparently Sleazypunk, Spit Like This and Skarlett Riot are missing from the guest list would any of your readers be interested in helping me with this also?

John Aspinall

19 Fylde Street ,Kirkham

Car parking woe

Aldi alert

I suggest Patrick Morris (Letters, March 7) makes an optician’s appointment as soon as possible.

The Aldi car park in Cleveleys is festooned with warning signs about the need to register your car. In addition, there are reminders at each till!

Dr Barry Clayton


Brussels’ undemocratic

EU Waste

How can you call the EU democratic when, in voting, the Irish Government was told, “come back with a yes vote”, not like they first time when they said no to Brussels?

So Dublin said yes after it was virtually blackmailed into joining. The same thing happened to the Dutch who also had to change their vote. Since then, Brussels has nearly dissolved. It started with the Greeks the Spanish and Italy with their hardly managed bankruptcies.

Their income and living standards dramatically dropped.

For example 25 per cent of the people in Spain are unemployed.

The UK pays £14bn annually but we have just been told that Brussels needs to find and extra £20bn to fill the shortfall and that we should contribute an extra £2.4bn.

Brussels has frittered away its annual budget of £133bn on dubious bureaucratic extravagance and plain stupid ideas.

Our daily £53m is wasted with them and we get very little benefit for that. We would definitely be better off without them.

Victor De-Nagy,


Back European unity

War message

As a child of the 1950s I was brought up on a diet of the Second World War – both literally due to rationing and figuratively with the heroics of my dad and my friend’s dads.

That’s why today I am becoming ever more worried andn frustrated by the constant carping of the so-called Little Englanders who want us to bail out of the EU and turn our back on Europe in a throwback to the USA’s policy of isolationism before the last war.

That I’m all right Jack attitude while economic catastrophe hit so many European nations which in turn proved a fertile breeding ground for ultra-nationalism just led to tragedy and the death of millions.

We cannot pretend Europe is not there. Look at the ugly nationalism that has erupted in Ukraine.

We cannot also pretend that our allies in France, Germany, Spain and Italy and the rest will continue to be delighted to trade with us, buy British and be considerate neighbours if we slam the door in their faces and quit the EU.

No it will cause a huge problem for our global trade and that is what our country’s prosperity is built on.

Out own economic woes would redouble overnight with more unemployment, less money coming into this country and the loss of international prestige.

We cannot listen to the siren voices who want us to quit. It will not solve anything.

P Barrow